Cannot boot from CD

  Hal1147 14:48 28 Jan 2010

I am trying to do a repair installation of Windows xp but cannot get my pc to boot from the CD drive.
I have changed (and saved) the settings in the Bios so that the CD drive is first but it still boots from the HDD.
I have also tried selecting the CD drive from the boot menu but this still does not help.
In the Bios set up configuration, there is a message “devices in parentheses have been disabled in the corresponding type menu”, all the devices listed are in parentheses, could this be the problem and if so how can I enable them?

The cd/dvd drive works ok for other installations.

The only change I have made to the Bios previously was to enable a graphics card.

The operating system was originally installed by the pc manufacturer and I have an original Windows xp cd.

Any help would be appreciated, Regards.

  jack 15:23 28 Jan 2010

That request will only work with a full operating system disk.
Is you machine is a proprietary brand with a recover disk or does it have a recovery partition [d]?
If the latter try booting from [d]

  Hal1147 18:21 28 Jan 2010

The CD in the drive is a full Windows xp home edtion, SP3. Printed on the cd are the words "licensed for distribution with a new PC"
The machine is not a proprietary brand however it has been made by a well established local company with a high volume of sales. I do not have a recovery disk and there is no recovery partition.

I have found that the windows xp product ID number displayed in the registry is an OEM number and differs from the serial number on the cd supplied, I assumed this OEM number is a corporate copy used by the pc supplier? or is it the cause of the problem?


  jack 20:01 28 Jan 2010

As the Disk does not boot any number conflict is not yet relevant-The disk would haveto load before anything like that became apparent- then it would only be a cse of trying one or the other[but the number with the disk is the relevant one -OEM not withs tanding.

Do you have a CD cleaner disk?[A Cd with a little brush and some fluid]
or access to aqnother CD drive that can be hooked up temorarily/[In the event the on machine drive has died]
Buying a new drive is cheap but a last resort .

  cream. 20:30 28 Jan 2010

How many optical drives does the computer have?
How many hard drives does the computer have?
Has the computer got a floppy drive?
Do you know the make and model of the motherboard?
Have you disabled fast boot in the bios?
Are all the drives IDE, SATA or a mixture of both?

  DieSse 22:09 28 Jan 2010

Some times you need to hit a key (space-bar is best) to boot from a CD - but you can't see the message due to a manufacturers logo being displayed.

If you have such a logo, you could try tapping the space bar as it tries to boot. Or you may see a message of what to press to see the full boot-screen (Esc, tab, or similar).

  lotvic 23:53 28 Jan 2010

Keep tapping the space bar, don't just tap it once.
you only get about 1 second after POST before you've missed it and it then boots from C:
I usually start tapping a few seconds after the post has started (it beeps when I tap, but that's okay it doesn't hurt anything)
About 2 taps per second does it for me.

  Hal1147 11:56 30 Jan 2010

Firstly, thanks for all your replies

I know the cd and drive is ok because I can load it when the pc is on.
I have 1 optical, 1 HDD and no floppy drive.
The motherboard is a Wolfdale 1333-D667
All the drives are SATA

How do I disable fast boot in the bios? The only things I can see in the bios settings config menu are;
Boot from onboard LAN = Disabled
Boot up number lock= On

I’ve also tried pressing keys repeatedly after selecting the CD drive from the boot device menu but it still boots from the HDD.

I’ve also tried disabling the HDD from the boot devices in the bios but it still boots from the HDD.

It would appear that although I can make and save changes in the bios, the machine ignores all this and continues to do its own thing!

  birdface 12:07 30 Jan 2010

Have you tried putting the CD in the computer when it is running and then reboot the computer.
Obviously you have already tried that.but just checking.

  Hal1147 12:12 30 Jan 2010

Yes, Tried that but still boots from the HDD

  jack 12:41 30 Jan 2010

Some of this I appreciate you will have told us about but try never the less
Boot the machine and load any CD.
Does the drive run that CD?
If no then suspect Optical drive- more later
If yes
Then load the Windows disk in the with the machine running[I know you are trying a repair- but I am assuming the machine still runs- albeit in a crippled state]
Can you then get the O/S disk to run to the Re[air option.
Finally[or even before you try more things] make sure all the leads to the drive are fully home.

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