Cannot add music to i tunes library

  Rhuddlan 00:16 14 Mar 2005

When trying to add music files from my windows media player library to add it onto my i pod, a message appears saying something like this content is protected and cannot be copied. So this means I can't add any music to my i pod that I have on my comp which is very annoyning, I am not using i tunes music store and paying 79p a song, when I have plenty of music on my comp. How do I get around this? Any help greatfully received.

  dan11 00:27 14 Mar 2005

You have got the free itunes software for windows on your machine? click here

You do not need to buy any music. Just drop the music from media player to the itunes jukebox. You can then load it on the ipod.

  dan11 00:29 14 Mar 2005

Sorry, just re-read. It's in the title. You have itunes.

Please disregard the above:-)

  Rhuddlan 00:34 14 Mar 2005

So has anyone have any ideas?

  Rhuddlan 12:23 14 Mar 2005


  daz246 12:39 14 Mar 2005

Download iTunes onto your PC, then go to File, Add File and select all the tracks you want then plug in your ipod and update songs to the iPod. The only reason you'll get a message saying content is if you have bought/downloaded a track from a website that is only available on WMP. When you upload all the tracks to iTunes it may ask you to convert all your tracks that are WMA to MP3 or AAC.

  Rhuddlan 12:43 14 Mar 2005

Hi daz246, I have installed i tunes from the i pod cd when I got the i pod. I am trying to add music to the i tunes library the way you have suggested and the music files i am trying to add haven't been downloaded off the net, there are originally cd's I have on the comp that I want on my i pod. Thanks, but has anyone hot any other ideas?

  daz246 12:48 14 Mar 2005

From what you are saying there is no reason why you should get any message. Try ripping a cd through iTunes, put it in and then click Import (top right of the cd track listing.

  Modo 13:48 14 Mar 2005

My daughter is having exactly the same problem with an ipod she bought on Saturday.

I'm so annoyed with her for buying the thing when she had a more than adequate iriver that I'm refusing all assistance requests.

I'll watch this thread with detached interest. Sounds that this may be connected with some security feature in Windows Media Player. I've noticed that a number of tracks in my music library seem to expire on my back up drive and need reloading when the drives are synched.

  dan11 14:03 14 Mar 2005

As daz246 says;

Have you converted the tracks to either mp3's or aac or wav's or aiff from media player. You will not be able to export them as wma's.

  Modo 14:12 14 Mar 2005

iTunes won't consolidate any music on the PC or from the network.

If you browse to the folder it gives the message that Rhuddlan reports.

The content of the music folder is 70%mp3 and 30% wma.
It behaves as if the minute it spots any wma file in the folder it refuses to deal with that folder anymore!!!

Is anyone runnimg iTunes and WMP SUCCESSFULLY on the same PC. I know I've tried before and they got on together grudgingly, but in the end I removed iTunes because WMP10 did everything I needed.

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