cannot add a computer to wireless network

  Oftenpuzzled 09:58 20 Sep 2008

I have a Belkin wireless router with one laptop running Vista premium running off it, and have been trying to add another laptop running Vista Basic with no joy. I get an excellent signal with the new computer but a message of 'limited or no connectivity'. going into details tells me that 'the network did not allocate a network address'.

  tullie 10:39 20 Sep 2008

Have you set it up as wired initially?Does it work when wired?

  Oftenpuzzled 10:53 20 Sep 2008

no it wasn't set up as wired initially and it works ok on the wireless network at work. just tried it wired with no joy. thanks for your help by the way!

  Strawballs 12:36 20 Sep 2008

Have you set up encryption if so have you set up the pass phrase on the home basic laptop?

  tullie 12:40 20 Sep 2008

What happens when wired and you try and connect to your network?

  rawprawn 12:57 20 Sep 2008

As Strawballs point out it could be an encrytion problem. Make sure it is set for WPA or WEP as your other computer and also the code is set at TKIP for WPA and AES for WEP

  mgmcc 18:53 20 Sep 2008

Strange that you should be unable to connect with a *WIRED* connection. Try allocating a fixed IP address to the wired connection (the Local Area Connection) and see if you can get online. For example:

IP address -

Subnet Mask -

Default Gateway - 192168.2.1

DNS Server -

  baldydave 19:08 20 Sep 2008

go into manage network connections and look at connection does it show a red cross,does it show local or local and internet?
right click pick properties look for ip6 and ip4 click on these and make sure the box is ticked to automatically obtain address

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