cannot active thunderbird

  tugtac 20:28 02 Sep 2008

I had to activate outlook express to contact a particular web site whereas my normal default e mail client is thunderbird, on trying to go back to thunderbird I receive the message that "could not connect to pop 3 server the connection is refused"
all my settings are correct but my isp has not a clue as to how to get thunderbird back up. Thunderbird still shows as my default e mail provider
any one got any ideas?

  Stuartli 21:19 02 Sep 2008

Check the POP3 and SMTP settings for your ISP in Thunderbird are still correct.

  tugtac 21:37 02 Sep 2008

no, not that settings checked and checked

  DieSse 21:48 02 Sep 2008

Simply using OE should not affect TBird in any way. I often use OE when explaining it to clients/computer club members. It's never affected TBird operations (which I use all the time) at all.

What did you actually do to "activate" OE??

It shouldn't need any activation, it should just work.

I also don't quite follow that you had to use OE for a website - emails are emails - which client you use is irrelevant to the recipient.

  tugtac 21:55 02 Sep 2008

thanks , cracked it BUT only after turning off zone alarm "firewall" AND clam win anti virus. will have to see what happwens when i re install clamwim

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