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Cannot Activate W7 on reinstall of OS

  Tycho 11:58 03 Jan 2014

I am getting the error code:

0x004E003 which I have found relates to the fact that the Product code is already in use.

I have been all around the houses with this one for an evening and a morning.

The history goes like this:

  1. The in unusable and needs a clean reinstall.
  2. No installation disc.
  3. Download W7 with SP1
  4. Install it
  5. Product code rejected (Code from sticker on the laptop)
  6. Discover that this can happen if the laptop was originally shipped without SP1
  7. Use the installation DVD which has no SP1 from another .
  8. Did not request Product code during installation so carry on regardless.
  9. Download and install about 120 upgrades
  10. Go to set a restore point and notice the small text saying that the OS needs activating within 2 days
  11. Try product code which is again rejected.
  12. Check that the product code on the sticker matches the one in the machine using Belarc Advisor. It doesn't.
  13. Try the Belarc Advisor product code. This time it wasn't rejected outright. I got the error which I typed at the top of this long post.
  14. Searched for telephone activation and can't find a number to call. The help system on the doesn't match the one on the MS help and support site.

If you have read as far as this, thank you. Any ideas where I can go from here?

I have had a look for the cost of buying a new code but the MS site doesn't reveal this. It looks as if support for W7 has been cut back and that they are trying to get me to buy W8.

Hoping that someone can help. The belongs to a very hardworking lady vicar. If I can't get it working for her mu reputation will be damaged!


  Graphicool1 12:19 03 Jan 2014

Follow this...CLICK HERE

  onthelimit1 13:19 03 Jan 2014

Here for phone activation -

MS Support

  Tycho 13:41 03 Jan 2014

Thanks, Graphicool. I will try the whole reinstallation again just to see if it accepts the Product key.

onthelimit1: This is what I tried but the option to apply for phone verification does not appear and I cannot find a phone number from other sources.

Thanks for the responses.


  bumpkin 14:53 03 Jan 2014

Microsoft Reading 0844 800 2400. should get you to the activation process.

  Simsy 16:12 03 Jan 2014

I didn't think, (but Im open to correction?) that there was anywhere you could legally download a version Win7 from...

If I'm correct, then that may be the root of the problem... you don't have a genuine OS to install?

With apologies if I'm wrong!



  Batch 16:27 03 Jan 2014

Windows 7 ISO downloads via:

Link 1

Link 2

  chub_tor 16:55 03 Jan 2014

The error code you gave is not the one for the product key is in use it is actually the error code for activation failed. Check out this page from Microsoft If you get that code you should scroll down to Section C on the link and follow the instructions there. See if that helps.

  bumpkin 17:11 03 Jan 2014

If you have 2 different keys for whatever reason you can still phone the number that I posted earlier and enter them one at a time until one of them is recognized as genuine.

  lotvic 18:13 03 Jan 2014

If you haven't destroyed the Hidden partition.... - How to restore Toshiba laptop to its factory fresh software condition using system recovery click here

  lotvic 18:15 03 Jan 2014

Other Thread click here

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