Cannot activate software

  Daxsimus 23:27 15 Jul 2005

HI, I have been trying for 2 days now to activate some new software.
When it is suppose to open my web browser to go to the avtivation page i get the error "1625:5 the application was unable to start your web browser" I have disabled everything I can think of that could stop it from opening. There is no way to activate the software manually so how can I find out what is causing the problem? Please help or will have to stomp on disc! Dax.

  DieSse 00:21 16 Jul 2005

What software??

  Daxsimus 15:24 16 Jul 2005

Sorry for the delay in replying,
The software is Superseller for Ebay Pro.

  Daxsimus 21:59 17 Jul 2005


  mattyc_92 22:00 17 Jul 2005

Have you contacted the company?

  timeteam2004 10:08 18 Jul 2005
  Daxsimus 11:14 18 Jul 2005

Hi, Yes I've contacted them and they say It's due to a prog I have running that is stopping the browser opening to activate. But seen as I have disabled all Protection and anti spyware progs etc I can't see why it's still not working.
But they won't offer me refund as they say it's not down to faulty software so I'm stuck with it.

  DieSse 13:07 18 Jul 2005

Can you not just cut and paste the activation link into the browser address bar?

  Daxsimus 13:54 18 Jul 2005

Well yes you would think so, but there is no link to copy, so I thought I'd install on a second computer then copy the link to mine. But that didn't work either. I can't help thinking that if it is that difficult to install the software that it might be best just not to bother.

  DieSse 13:57 18 Jul 2005

Is the link a Java Script - do you have this disabled in the browser?

The link to activate - where is it - in the software itself, or an email?

What browser are you using Internet explorer, Firefox, or summat else??

  Daxsimus 14:09 18 Jul 2005

I am using Maxthon browser as the default, but I have treid IE aswell. The link is in the software, so I can't actually type it in manually. I have Java enabled in the browser.

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