Cannot accsess E-bay

  hellred 17:53 04 Aug 2004

Hello All

I know someone out will have the answer for this problem. I cannot accsess e-bay pages from my PC.

I have tried different browsers and no i still cant get to e-bay, i have another PC and no such problem there i can get to e-bay with ease. I can go anywhere else without a hitch just not e-bay, why ???

I have added the URL to trusted sites, no change.
I have set the DNS settings, no change.
I have set everything to auto and no change.

The other PC works just fine.

  User-312386 17:56 04 Aug 2004

have you cleared all internet files and cookies?

What O/S are you using and what service pack?

  hellred 19:06 04 Aug 2004

Cleared all cookies and all contens of temp folders, there are 2 .dat files i cannot delete however, in use by some program.

I use XP Pro and SP1 installed, as a matter of fact thats exactly as the other PC and that one can get to E-bay.

  watchful 07:48 05 Aug 2004


  hellred 21:47 23 Aug 2004

I use a laptop via a wireless network to connect to the net and thats the PC that wont let me see E-bay. There is another wireless network thats open in my neighborhood and id i connect through that network, i can get to e-bay on the laptop. That would seem to have something to do with my network somehow, can anyone help what the reason might be, why on my network i cant get to E-bay but see everthing else.

  hellred 08:53 08 Sep 2004

Updated to XP SP2 and now it works just fine

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