Cannot access Yahoo HK E-mail

  killernofiller101 22:24 24 Sep 2004

Hi, I can suf the internet using my AOL 9.0 Broadband Connection. But whenever I try to access click here and my yahoo e-mail, it will either not work and if its lucky, they it will work after half an hour. Is there a way in which I can fix this error/problem?

Thank you

  end 23:06 24 Sep 2004

that gave me a page in , I think, Japaneese;
are you after the English home page of Yahoo e mail? or BTYahoo, in which case I can post you the link I have:)

  killernofiller101 23:21 24 Sep 2004

no im not im afraid. It just either dont let me connect or connects slloowwllyyy. On my friends compter, its as quick as lightning and i got broadband as well!

  end 00:51 25 Sep 2004

can we try that again please
which page are you trying to get to;
yahoo mail or BTYahoo mail?

which language are you trying to get it to be in?

your posting looks like you are after Hong Kong Yahoo email; is that right or not?

put another way, which country are you living in or trying to connect with language-wise?

  BeForU 01:29 25 Sep 2004

Just to note its Chinese not Japanese lol.

Anyways I thinking after heavily reading the first post, its saying that he/she is trying to access the Hong Kong Yahoo website and the Hong Kong Yahoo Email page as well. But it seems to be slow at loading the pages, especially the email one???

  temp003 04:22 25 Sep 2004

The page is full of Chinese characters. Traditional Chinese. Have you installed Traditional Chinese language support for IE? Usually, if you try to load a page in a language which has not been installed, IE will prompt you to install it. Do you get such a prompt? If not, at some stage you or someone else may have selected "Never install".

I'm not sure exactly which option it should be, but if this may be the problem, click Tools, Internet Options, Advanced tab, under Browsing, tick "Install on Demand (Internet Explorer)" and "Install on Demand (Other)". Click Apply. Select the General tab, and Delete the temporary internet files. Click OK. Exit IE, then try the page again. See if you get the prompt to install the language components.

If that is not the problem, or if you only need to access Yahoo HK mail, just go to any yahoo page (does not have to be yahoo .hk .com), such as yahoo uk or yahoo .com, click Mail, and enter your ID (i.e. without @ yahoo. hk. com), enter your password and log on. Although your email address has .hk .com at the end, there is no distinction between the different country domains as far as logging on is concerned. Try that and see if you can access your mail more easily.

  end 22:28 25 Sep 2004


am far better off reading French.
has this progressed any further yet, or is a direct link to a sign-in page needed?

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