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Cannot access workgroup computers

  climb45 23:06 06 Jan 2010

I have a PC running 64bit Windows 7 and it is set up as part of a workgroup with two PCs running Windows XP. I can always access the XP PCs from the one running Windows 7, but cannot always access the Windows 7 PC from the XP machines. Sometimes I can write to the shared folder on the Windows 7 PC without a problem, but other times I'm denied access. I have administrator rights on all three computers.

  howard64 09:32 07 Jan 2010

I assume they are all set to workgroup rather than mshome as common with xp? Have you shared all the folders on the drive of the w7 pc? You often have to set each section as shared - ie C:drive - My docs and then any folder you wish to write to in my docs.

  climb45 19:42 07 Jan 2010

Yes they are all set to the same workgroup and each folder/subfolder is shared. It's as if the Windows 7 PC is temporarily losing the permission settings, because one minute everything is fine and the next I can't get access to the Win7 pc from either of the others. I have also previously received a "Not enough server storage is available to process this command" error, when attempting to write to the Win7 PC. A reboot of all systems seems to have corrected this in the past.

  howard64 12:56 08 Jan 2010

this might be a firewall problem. Sometimes windows firewall is running in the background as well as one of the other ones and the 2 are fighting each other. I always try to set each pcs firewall to allow the ip address of the others. I have read that while w7 is easy to set up and run with other w7 equipment it really does not like to network with other op systems.

  climb45 00:25 09 Jan 2010

Many thanks for your help. Everything has been running fine today, but I've now disabled the Windows Firewall, keeping the Norton Internet Security one active. Will have to wait and see if this cures the intermittent problem.

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