Cannot access the web since trying to network pc's

  webber_man 15:33 01 Feb 2004

I have been trying to connect my laptop (that i'm using now) with my desktop but don't seem to have been at all successful! Apart from not being able to connect them up to share files or use the same internet connection now i can't even get my desktop to look at web pages or download emails!!!

I can still connect to the internet but the pages seem to be blocked and Outlook goes through the motions without downloading anything. I have obviously changed something or a setting somewhere but can't get it back working again.

I have more or less given up on the whole networking thing as it's just giving me a headache but i would like to use my desktop again to asscess the internet!

Does anyone have any ideas please?


  byfordr 15:51 01 Feb 2004

Can you provide a bit more information. What operating system are you using? How did you try and network them? Router, wireless, via the network cards? Are information will help people trying to help.

  byfordr 15:51 01 Feb 2004

Any (not are posted too quickly!)

  webber_man 16:01 01 Feb 2004

My desk top is running ME and my laptop XP. I used the Network Connection Wizard and installed a network card in my desktop and connected via a cable.

I tried system restore but this then mucked up Nortons AV and (couldn't boot the desktop as i kept getting an error relating to NAV)so i tried restoring the computer from safe mode. This had no affect so i then uninstalled NAV! This, at last, worked but it seems that the network wizard has set something so i can't access any sites - although, as mentioned, my modem gets a connection ok.

  byfordr 16:13 01 Feb 2004

Just found this further down the forum. May be of help click here

  webber_man 18:39 01 Feb 2004

Not exactly sure what i did to sort it but after 4-5 hours i have managed to restore my computer to a fully working, internet accessing, non-freezing mean(ish) machine!

Cheers for the help byfordr!

  byfordr 23:45 01 Feb 2004

Glad its helped. Had a emergency in the garden the wind had blown the shed roof off, so I've only just had a chance to log back on...

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