Cannot access some sites with IE, but OK with FF

  Budgie100 21:32 18 May 2007

I need help!
I cannot access some web sites via IE7, but they work fine when using Firefox. My wife doesn't like FF, so I'm trying to sort out the IE problem!
As an example, I can access EBay, look through listings etc, but I cannot access MyEbay (IE just says the page cannot be displayed)... similarly, I can access Google and do searches, and reach almost all sites, but CANNOT access googlemail at

I have set all security settings to default, endsured that SSL and TLS are allowed, but still I cannot access these sites... they work fine in Firefox.... Im really stuck.
Does anyone have any ideas please???

  Technotiger 21:37 18 May 2007

Hi, do you know if these problem sites worked ok in IE6? If so, you could revert to IE6 by un-installing IE7 in Control Panel>Add Remove...

  Budgie100 21:40 18 May 2007

Thanks for the suggestion, but I am confident that they used to be OK with IE7... I installed it months ago, and it has only recently become a problem so I suspect a setting or conflict etc is causing it but i assume it could be anything!!

  Technotiger 21:46 18 May 2007

OK, in that case I would advise you to run CCleaner click here then try again.

  provider 2 21:48 18 May 2007
  Budgie100 09:06 19 May 2007

Thanks for the continued support guys ....
I have tried CCleaner (no difference) and the news item about IE is (I think) not relevant... IE starts, but will not access this very limited number of sites. I have discovered that it is only affecting ONE account on the PC... so I am assuming it is maybe a config option, or setting somewhere... but I may be totally wrong of course!!

  Technotiger 10:12 19 May 2007

I think you should do a thorough check of all the settings in IE7 in relation to the affected account.
Maybe just needs a tick her or an un-tick there, I would go through the lot including Advanced. Also try with different security settings.

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