cannot access slave hard disk drive

  khaiiia 13:46 16 Jun 2003

I installed my old hard drive to a new motherboard which has an AMD CPU. The motherboard recognises the hard drive but i cannot access the drive.

This drive is the "slave" drive and does not have a drive letter assigned to it. Its got data in it which i want to gain access to so i don't want to lose it.

Perhaps if a drive letter is assigned i can access it.

But how do you do that?

Shouldn't it automatically assign a letter when i startup the computer?

  critic-al 13:58 16 Jun 2003

try it as master . I take it you have 2 hdd ??

  woodchip 14:02 16 Jun 2003

Have you gone into the CMOS SETUP when you start your computer and run Auto detect the Drive

  pj123 14:04 16 Jun 2003

No, don't try it as a master, especially on a new motherboard because it will keep finding "new hardware" which may mess up when you put the real master back. Switch on your computer and keep hitting the delete key until you get into the BIOS then arrow down the Primary Master and press "enter" and then arrow down to Primary Slave and press "enter". then pres ESC and then F10 and "enter". The PC will reboot and you should have both drives detected.

  khaiiia 13:15 19 Jun 2003

i've tried pj123's suggestion i still can't access it.

The mother board detects the drive alright but i can't access it.

Also i can't make this drive the master as i wont be able to boot the computer then. Also i don't want to lose the data.

  OneSirKnight 13:26 19 Jun 2003

what o/s is on your old hard drive?you can also try something like norton ghost for copying your old hdd to your new hdd.

  khaiiia 13:27 27 Jun 2003

I figured out a way to solve this problem. There must be simpler ways though.

1.What i did was got another new hard disk(WD40GB) (this one was a replacement i got for another faulty drive i had(i got three hdd's now, the original boot drive WD20GB was left untouched)). I used WD40GB to boot the computer (master)and kept the slave drive(Fujitsu) as it is. (NB. to boot the computer form WD40GB, i formatted it and copied everything from the WD20GB)

2. Downloaded Data Lifeguard Tool from Western Digital website. (this is a very useful software to copy, partition, format drives amongst other things)

3. formed a floppy from the download and inserted into the drive before booting up. After loading it gave me the option to 'install drive'. And then copy and format drive.

4. I copied the contents of the fujitsu (slave) drive into the new (master WD40GB) drive aswell as formatting the slave drive. So i recovered all the data from the slave drive. The slave drive now gets automatically recognised. (note if i didnt format the slave drive, it would still be non-accessible)

5. because i copied all the contents from the old slave(fujitsu) drive i cannot boot up from the new (WD40GB)drive anymore. But its got all the data in there. I used this new (WD40GB)drive to become the slave now and can access the data. At this stage the WD20GB is the master drive which i booted from.

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