cannot access MSN messenger help please

  bof:) 01:18 28 Aug 2003

Hi All,

for some reason I cannot access MSN messenger. I get varying messages saying either password is incorrect, its not,(I've reset it) or PC cannot connect to the internet.

Obviously I can because I've written this.

Also unless I turn off Zone alarm, I cannot access emails in Outlook Express accounts.

Checked Zone Alarm, it is setup to accept Outlook Express ans MSN.

I have tried uninstalling ZA and going through the registery and deleting all ZA references. I then rebooted PC and reinstalled ZA. No change.

I'm using win98se and AVG.

Any ideas please,

Many thanks, Mike

  bof:) 10:57 28 Aug 2003

Hi all,

I've now discovered that I can still access my emails if I use click here.

and when I right click the msn messenger 6.0 icon on my desktop and then right click properties I find the following under the shortcut tab:

the 'Target Location' box is empty.
the 'start in' box is empty.
the 'short cut key' box has the word none written in it but this is greyed out.
the 'run' box is also empty.

I deleted the original shortcut and made another one but it shows exactly the same as the above.

any ideas please as to why this icon appears to be empty whilst others on desktop all have 'pathways.

Is this also the cause of my being unable to use this icon to connect to msn website and get my hotmails?

many thanks,


  bof:) 10:57 28 Aug 2003


  bof:) 23:26 28 Aug 2003

Hi All, now took off Zone alarm and replaced it with another firewall. But still unable to access MSN messenger.

If I reinstall it will I loose my current hotmail address? (which I can access through

Still have no pathway on the MSN messenger desktop icon?

Anyone have any idea on how to get this up and running again?

Many thanks

  bof:) 23:27 28 Aug 2003


  bof:) 12:44 30 Aug 2003




  whybe 15:50 30 Aug 2003

bof:) I'm not going to be much help here I'm sorry, the only thing I can say is you will not lose your Hotmail address because it is webbased and as you rightly say can be accessed through One thing I would do though is go through all your IE and OE settings and make sure they are all showing your correct sign in and address details. Once these are right MSN should just require a normal sign in if it follows Windows Messenger procedures (which it seems to).

  bof:) 20:21 30 Aug 2003

Hi whybe,

I have been through my MSN profil and all is as I st it up. I have even tried to alter my password by answering my secret question which i know is correct because I write them all down before I type them in.

What I cannot workout is that MSN worked one day and then the following day it refuses to accept the password I used the day before that.

I have downloaded nothing from the net or installed anything between being able to access NSN and not being able to.

I can however acces my hotmail account by using click here and the original password...very strange that password will work for hotmail but not the MSN site.

Virus checker is upto date and I also use adaware. All show nothing odd.

What did worry me was that if I reinstall MSN and setup a new 'net passport' will I be told that my current email address is already in use?

Thanks for your advice,


  whybe 20:40 30 Aug 2003

Your .NET Passport comes automatically with a Hotmail email address. Can you refresh the settings through there? Are there any problems with the system been notified on the site as it worked properly yesterday? I wish I could help more.

  Geoff_T 21:22 30 Aug 2003

I have had problems with MSN Messenger in the past. Very similar to yours. It was solved by removing MSN Messenger using Control Panel and Add/Remove programs. I then downloaded the latest version and installed that. Once installed and running, all it does is asks you to sign in using your current passport ID and password. When it logs on you will find all your contacts, etc still there.


  bof:) 19:28 02 Sep 2003

thanks for the help folks, I'll delete MSN and download the latest version from the microsoft website.


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