cannot access msconfig!!

  second best 15:48 18 Sep 2003

i have recently disabled all xp services and accidently locked myself out of a lot of things. using admin tools in control panel, i enabled them all one at a time, and restarted but i can't access 'msconfig' in the 'run' command, can you help. i already have a thread regarding this but im trying to keep the threads as short as possible to avoid cinfusion.

  second best 16:39 18 Sep 2003


  second best 02:38 19 Sep 2003


  JIM 04:24 19 Sep 2003

I wonder if this could work for you? You may see my thinking? :)


The version for Windows 2000 is taken from Windows XP,

click here

Why not browse to the actual application itself and start it from there? Then at least you should be able to configure the options and so undo the settings that are preventing it from running?

The file you need (make sure view hidden & system folders is enabled) is


Double click the file and it (should) start

  second best 12:18 19 Sep 2003

i have tried msconfig.exe and searched for it like you aslo said smiffy. it has come up in the search but does nothing when i double click it. the file i have is 142kb. would this be the same file you're both thinking off?

  second best 14:09 19 Sep 2003

anyone else have a suggestion?

  second best 14:14 19 Sep 2003

i have managed to open msconfig for the link that jim provided only to find that the boot.ini is missing(not the radio button) and all of my startup programs but 2. something is severly missing. anyone tell me wjhat.? thnxs

Why dont you run SFC/ scannow to replace all the files in XP? I am sure that is the correct command, go to run, type the command in and put your windows CD in the drive and reboot. After a while XP will start up with all the files repaired and replaced where necessary.

  Rayuk 19:03 19 Sep 2003

You can download msconfig from here
click here

  second best 01:17 20 Sep 2003

SFC doesnt work in the run command. are you sure i can access it from here. thnx

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