Cannot access internet on Home Network

  the-george 22:10 26 Dec 2004

I have just set up a peer-to-peer connection between 2 machines running ME.

The network has set up successfully i.e. I can access shared folders and printers in both machines, however, I cannot access the internet from both.
One machine is connected via an ntl cable modem and is fine. The other machine does not seem to connect even though i specified a LAN connec tion in the setup wizard and the setting in accounts are all identical to the ok machine.

What am I missing?

  the-george 22:32 26 Dec 2004

Anybody out there?

  TECHNODIMWIT 23:00 26 Dec 2004

I had to reset my 2 XP based units today.

always found it best to let the wizard sort itself out

  LastChip 23:03 26 Dec 2004

Have you got any firewalls running?

  the-george 15:21 27 Dec 2004

Use TEND PC-Cillin including personal firewall but had that turned off when I went through setup process.
I am able to share folders. drives etc but get 'server not found' message when trying to access internet for Pc not connected to ntl cabe broadband modem.

  LastChip 17:41 27 Dec 2004

Have you installed ICS on both machines?

What do you mean by "i specified a LAN connection"?

  vinnyo123 17:44 27 Dec 2004

are they connected with a cros over?
Are you using ICS ?

  the-george 20:55 27 Dec 2004

They are connected with crossover cable and I have no problems with sharing a drive of folder.
What is ICS, how do I install it?

  LastChip 22:52 27 Dec 2004

As Above.

You need to go to, Start; Settings; Control Panel; Add/Remove Programs; Windows Setup; Communications; Details; and make sure the Internet Connection Sharing box is ticked. If it's not, tick it and have your Windows Cd handy to follow the on screen instructions.

  JIM 23:02 27 Dec 2004

Workgroup name the same on both systems?

  the-george 21:05 28 Dec 2004

Workgroup name same - don't think I copuld see both pcs on network otherwise.
ICS is enabled - tick in box in Add/Remove/Win Setup/Communications etc on both pc's.
There is an icon on taskbar of pc connected to modem that is for ICS and when I open it up the details of connections to internet and network are both correct. However,it also says 1 computer is using the internet and there is no similar icon on taskbar of other pc. Is this indicativ of something?

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