Cannot access files on drive with usb adaptor

  geletaz 13:49 17 Aug 2014

I connected my old drive to my new pc with a SATA/IDE usb adaptor kit my new pc recognises it but when i click F drive which the old drive i get a message insert disc.The drive is working as i put a copy of Windows 8 in.All i want to do is copy some important files from old drive to my new pc.No errors messages pop there something i am doing wrong ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:06 17 Aug 2014

What is the exact kit you are using to attach the drive to the PC?

I have the same problem with a IDE SATA dock some drives give me the "insert disk" error message. 2 out of 3 of my IDE drives do this, originally thought it was a power problem as the drives didn't appear to spin up (hence thee message).

However if I connect the same drives using a seperate IDE Cable and a power cable extension from the dock the drives spin up and work OK (most annoying as I can't really blame the dock)

  geletaz 14:13 17 Aug 2014

Thank you for replying i bought a Vantec SATA / IDE to USB 2.0 Adaptor kit.My old drive is a SATA one.Spent £20 on the kit.Using your method did you access your files ok?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:31 17 Aug 2014

Yes got the files OK

Assume its this kit

My problem is with one of these

some drives work others don't they dont seem to pwer up with the drive in the ide slot.

I also have similar kit to yours, use the adaptor cable from he old and power supply from new kit

Can you feel the drives spin up? are they vibrating? 1]: [click here 2]: [click here

  geletaz 18:04 18 Aug 2014

Apologies for not getting to you.Yes the kit i have is the same as yours but i have no dock.Yes the old drive works..spinning ..vibrating..etc.When i connected to old drive to new pc using this i put Windows 8 disc in and it began loading and i stopped it as i did not want to get back to default Windows 8 otherwise i'll lose my files i want to access.I will remove the ide cable from old pc and see what happens.

Once again sorry for not reply.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:26 18 Aug 2014

i put Windows 8 disc in and it began loading and i stopped it as i did not want to get back to default Windows 8

do you mean windows 8 dvd?

All you need to do to retrieve files is

plug the drive to the adaptor and power up: then plug the usb cable into the new PC

windows should find the drive and display it in explorer, if not then make sure the drive is seen in disk management.

  geletaz 18:58 18 Aug 2014

Yes i mean Windows 8 dvd.The old drive is listed in Disk Management as drive F but no storage capacity is shown.I know it is full when i click Drive F properties it is shown full and the old drive is listed in Device Manager on new pc.Could it be the motherboard is not recognising it due drivers not being compatible,My old pc was Windows 8.1 32 Bit and my new pc is Windows 8.1 64 Bit which came pre-installed

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:18 18 Aug 2014

Sounds like corrupt Master Boot Record

Do you have a W8 DVD?

if so put driv back in old PC and boot from the DVD

On the Install now screen, select Repair your computer.

On the next screen, choose Troubleshoot - Advanced options.

In Advanced options, launch a command prompt windows, and enter the following command:

bootrec.exe /fixmbr

When finished, remove the DVD reboot the computer, and Windows 8 should load OK.

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