Cannot access eBay

  watchful 19:14 25 Nov 2003

I can't get on to my usual page on eBay this evening.

Anyone else experiencing this and are they having problems?

  watchful 20:58 25 Nov 2003

Thanks for your response.

I've discovered that half the sites in my favourites list are inaccessible and I still can't get on eBay at 9pm.

Good job I've not got a last minute bid on!

  watchful 21:20 25 Nov 2003

Now Outlook Express keeps coming up with error messages!

  Al94 21:24 25 Nov 2003

could have had your mother in law for ages this afternoon!!!

  Al94 21:25 25 Nov 2003

Yes, eBay is up the creek and can't access many sites, think I'll have an early night for a change, suggest all take the opportunity!

  watchful 04:57 26 Nov 2003

Thanks for the humour people - I needed a laugh.

Did have an early night which is why I'm here at this hour!

All seems to be working OK this morning so I'll tick this one off.

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