Cannot access C: prompt

  Farleyjim 20:45 02 Nov 2003

Can anybody tell me why I cannot access the C: prompt when I go: programs,accessories,c:prompt? I keep getting the message "windows cannot access specified device,path or file. You may not have the approriate permission to access the item"
I am the only owner and user of this PC running XP Home edition. I believe therefore that I have administrator rights. Help please.

  powerless 20:55 02 Nov 2003

click here


convert C: /fs:ntfs

  VoG II 20:57 02 Nov 2003

What happens if you go to Start, Run and enter


and click OK?

  Farleyjim 21:21 02 Nov 2003

Thank you Powerless and VoG. When I did as you say, I did indeed get a C:\windows\system32>c:
When I typed in "convert C:/fs:ntfs" I received the message "Conversion from FAT 32 volume to NTFS volume is not available"
Where do I go from here?

  VoG II 21:28 02 Nov 2003
  Farleyjim 09:39 03 Nov 2003

Thanks VoG
If I have to do a reinstall (and back up all my important docs), I am tempted to get a new hard disk of bigger capacity and reformat with NTFS and just start over.
Is that over the top? If I do that will I still be able to use my present hard disc as a slave without reformatting it? Sorry if this sounds involved.


  powerless 15:56 03 Nov 2003

Before you try an In-Place Upgrade (Reinstallation) of Windows XP or even a new hard disk.

Try this, click start, run, Type:

sfc /scannow

then click ok.

You will need your XP disk in the drive to perform this.


If you were to get another hard disk i would disconnect the other drive. Connect up the new drive and format with NTFS and then install XP. Connect up the old drive and then you should see the drive in my computer from where you can copy files over. Any programs you will have to install again.

You can format the old drive from windows XP so then you'll have all that space to play with.

If you need more space then it is not over the top.

  Farleyjim 09:18 04 Nov 2003

Thanks to all helpers. I am now able to start the convert to ntfs thanks. However, I think it will be worth my getting a new hard disk(I do a lot of digital photography) and do as Powerless suggests. One final(I hope!) question. When I install a new hard disc and load XP I assume I have to activate it again so hopefully somebody knows that I have already activated it when I first installed it on my present hard disk. Will my newly loaded hard disk see my old one(to copy over files) if they both have XP on it?
Many thanks. I hope all this is useful to others.

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