mariatse 15:32 22 Jan 2006

Started up pc yesterday and chkdisk started, saying there was a corrupt file - I let this run on and windows started as per normal.

However when I tried to click on the backup drive it said it was corrupted. All my work is currently on there and I NEED to get this stuff off the drive!

I searched around for file recovery programmes like Restorer2000, Recover My Files and PC Inspector and all are taking over 10 hours just to scan the hard drive.

Now - when I click on the drive it just tells me that the hard drive is not accessible.

I have just checked in Disk Management and I can see the drive - although it saying that the Layout is "simple" the type is "basic" and the status is healthy. From what I can tell the capacity and the free space is the same (74.53GB) which means that my files have all disappeared!!!

Does anyone know of any file recory programme that can retrive my files?? I don't mind paying for the software, I just really need to get my work off this drive!!

Also - is there any quicker way of seeing if I can get these files? All the programes I have tried so far have been running overnight and are taking about 12-15 hours!!!


  seedie 15:41 22 Jan 2006

have you lost the original files on drive c: too?

  mariatse 15:45 22 Jan 2006

Hi - no all programmes and files on C drive are fine. It just seems to my backup drive (secondary hard drive)

Any suggestions??

  seedie 15:54 22 Jan 2006

write your essential files to CDROM or DVD, check that they are there, format the *backup* drive if it will format and see if it will hold the files from C:

better still get a new backup drive tomorrow.

good luck


  mariatse 16:30 22 Jan 2006

Sorry I just realised what you meant by "original files" on c drive.

No all the work on the back up drive is only on the backup drive (stupid I know)

Which is why I am trying to use various file recovery programmes to recover the files! This software is taking absolutley ages and with no joy and they are not able to read any files from the drive.

I just wanted to know if anyone knew of any good file recovery programmes to use that worked for them.

I have tried:

PC Inspector
Recover My Files
Restorer 2000 (demo)
and am currently using File Scavenger

  AndySD 16:34 22 Jan 2006

click here I use getdataback but its not free I havent tried their disk explorer yet though.

  seedie 16:36 22 Jan 2006

Have you used a partition on drive C: as the backup?

  mariatse 16:38 22 Jan 2006

no its a completely separate hard drive.

One is used for window xp and programmes and the other hard drive stores all my work.

  seedie 16:46 22 Jan 2006

so it's not really a backup; sorry mate this requires expertise greater than mine. From experience i have found the more you fiddle the worse it gets.

Perhaps others reading this can help this fella?

may your icon be with you


  mariatse 16:49 22 Jan 2006

thanks anyway - can anyone out there help?

  VoG II 16:50 22 Jan 2006

Try this click here

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