cannon scanner prob

  pierc113 13:30 06 Mar 2004

does anyone know how to change the lingo from spanish too english in scangear as xp pro installs it in the wrong language and will not let me load it manually.
the software is called canoscan N65OU

  mrdsgs 13:36 06 Mar 2004

use the software cd that came with the scanner, I have the N1220U and it came with 2 cds, one is English and several other languages, the other has more languages but again, English is one of them

If you are downloading software, make sure to pick the English option.

Iuse Xp Pro and have had no problems using the drivers/software that came with the scanner.

  pierc113 13:48 06 Mar 2004

I have had this scanner nearly 3 years useing win98se had to install drivers/scangear off the disc,
For some reason when i connect the scanner to my new xp pro machine via usb the computer installs the scanner on its own a flag comes up saying adding new hardware when i open the program it is in spanish and i cannot see anywhere to change it.
if i put the disc in and install english language it makes no difference.
Is there anyway i can stop xp from installing the hardware so i can do it manually from the add hardware buutton

  Djohn 16:05 06 Mar 2004

pierc113. With a USB scanner you need to install the software before connecting the hardware. If you connect your scanner first then XP will pick it up and install it's own drivers.

Go to control panel and remove all mention of the scanner and any software programs associated with it. Disconnect the scanner and reboot the PC. Install the software from the Canon CD. [English version] Once all the software is installed connect the scanner to your PC and you will then see the message "New hardware found".

Windows will automatically associate your new hardware with the installed Canon drivers and work fine. j.

  mrdsgs 17:53 06 Mar 2004

djohn is absolutely right

software (Canon Scangear Toolbox) on the cd contains all the drivers you need.. Xp pro will then use them in English!

  pierc113 09:40 07 Mar 2004

Try all of the above the cannon scangear toolbox is in english the problem is when i click on aquire the box comes up scangear CS-U thats the one i cannot change to english no matter what i do.
On the disc scangear CS-U comes in four languages i don't understand how to load the english version as there is no setup icon in there.
If anybody as a cannon scanner can you have a look on the disc

  mrdsgs 11:47 07 Mar 2004

just put my canoscan cd in and it autostarts with "select language" and englisha nd spanish are 2 of the options.

You will need to uninstall canoscan scangear completely and then start from scratch again I think.

my cd is version 1.02 and is blue in colour and is called "Canoscan Setup CD-ROM"

good luck


  pierc113 13:00 07 Mar 2004

my CD is version 1.02 blue in colour looking at the disc it says for windows 98/ 2000 pro and millennium there is no mention of xp or xp pro do you think this could be the problem ?.

I can still use the scanner but if i need to change any settings i don't have a clue where to start with it been spanish....maybe collage to do spanish lessons will sort this problem out lol!!!

  anchor 13:09 07 Mar 2004

Canon drivers here; you don`t say which model you have, and possibly you may need an uninstall utility.

click here

choose English.

  ventanas 13:54 07 Mar 2004

The 650U predates XP so you will have to get the proper drivers from the Canon web site.

I have explained before in this forum, the installation of Canon scanners follows a differnt pattern to the norm. You must first connect the scanner with the machine turned off. Switch on and wait for the new hardware wizard to appear, Choose to install from a specific location, and browse to where you saved the downloaded driver. Before you do this remove all trace of your previous attemps or you risk failure. Remove the scanner in Device Manager. Then go to the Canon site, download the Deldrv utility and run it.

O aprende espanol. No es moy dificil. :-))

  pierc113 14:18 07 Mar 2004

Hi ventanas you are right about cannon scanners have a differant insulation to the norm.
As soon as i start the pc a flag comes up on the task bar found new hardware once the pc as finished loading i hear the scanner ativate so i guess xp pro is loading a driver from somewhere else other then the disc that came with the scanner.
I am now downloading drivers english version thanks for the link anchor will let you know if this solves the problem (dail up could take a while).

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