Cannon Printer ink light is on model MP495

  andy63walsh 12:47 24 Nov 2011

Hi. I refilled the ink cartridge in the original cartridge, the light now stays on and I can't reset it?

  johndrew 14:20 24 Nov 2011

I assume by refilled you mean that you used a kit to replenish the ink.

Some cartridges require a tool to reset them. Did you use one?

Did you comply with the handling recommendations that Canon provide?

  andy63walsh 14:47 24 Nov 2011

Hi. I was careful but have no tool, never used one before? is there a way to do it on the printer? manually?

  Woolwell 16:59 24 Nov 2011

These are chipped cartridges. Have you refilled them before? Search google for chip resetters.

  robin_x 17:53 24 Nov 2011

The chip resetters only work on some models.

I gave up looking after extensive Googling for my MP250 all-in-One.

Even though mine is a budget model, I can't wait for it to go wrong so I can get rid of it.

  lotvic 18:08 24 Nov 2011

I just disabled the ink sensors on my Canon that tell you cartridge has run out. Press the printers Stop/Reset button for at least 5/five seconds.

More details

  DAVEDAF 13:20 12 Feb 2012

Hi just came back for NY and bought some ink 4!! for my CANNON MP495 thay sold me 210XL & 211XL But got home my takes 512&513 is there anyway I can make my MP495 take these Inks !! Help

  Woolwell 13:48 12 Feb 2012

DAVEDAF - You should have started a new thread. Short answer is no. Printers require specific cartridges.

  Terry Brown 14:49 12 Feb 2012

Do not know if you still want this (Original thread 3 months ago), but here is the info you need.


  andy63walsh 10:26 13 Feb 2012

Tried all, but not a chip resetter yet, can't find one?nothing works

  lotvic 13:30 13 Feb 2012

andy63walsh what error code is flashing up?

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