Cannon MV630i

  Wirral Bagpuss 21:58 04 Feb 2004

Just seen this in Dixons today. looks very nice, and has SD card for removeable memory and USB connection. Does this mean i will not have to have fire wire on my computer for downloading video clips especially if i buy myself a card reader?

  byfordr 22:40 04 Feb 2004

From Canon website

PC Connection Kit (USB)
For enhanced PC connectivity, the MV630i includes a PC connection kit which provides a USB cable as well as a Digital Video Solution Disk. With this kit, users are able to connect the camcorder to a PC via the USB cable for high-speed transfer of still images from the memory card. Once imported, the images can then be edited and processed with the use of the Digital Video Solution Disk.

Also looking at the brouchure, it mentions firewire.

The SD card is intended for smaller size movies and still images. You will need to connect it to the pc otherwise you won't be able to download using tape (No big movies)

I'd assume you should be able to connect if you have a USB. I'm in the market for a camcorder myself so I'm going to have a play at the weekend. I'll be able to give you a better answer then.

Tried to have a look at the Dixon prices but their website seems to be down. Currys has the MV630i listed at £499.99, if Dixons is anything like it head online when you buy. You can get the MV650i for £390 click here

  byfordr 22:50 04 Feb 2004

Just found this...

DV Terminal
A DV Terminal interface allows you to connect directly to your computer or other digital device. Most DV Terminals conform to the IEEE 1394 (also known as FireWire®) standard

  Bagsey 23:26 04 Feb 2004

You will find that the SD card video clips will be limited to 10 seconds at top resolution to 30 seconds on low res. However you can take stills and transfer them to the PC using a card reader. Video however of any real length needs a fire wire conection for good results.

  Wirral Bagpuss 23:57 04 Feb 2004

ok, so i will still need firewire then if i have not got it on my laptop/PC. How much would a firewire card cost? What else would i need?

  byfordr 15:00 05 Feb 2004

click here

For a desktop you should be able to pick up firewire for as little as £20 a laptop will cost a little more

  Smiler 14:46 09 Feb 2004

Just like to thanks byfordr for the link to pricerunner. I've been interested in the canon mv650i for a while and I have finally ordered one from The Digital Camera Company (should arrive tomorrow Tues) click here for £389. That's about £270 less than list £160 less than Jessops and at least £100 less than some other companies. There are two other UK suppliers at this price but DCC includes a FREE extra year's guarantee.

I would advise Wirral Bagpuss to consider this as the difference between the 630i & 650i are a larger optical zoom (22X,) a free wide (0.6) attachment, super night mode down to 0lux & intelligent hot shoe for boom mic or floodlight (these are bought separately) plus the ability to record motion jpeg imagesto a memory card.

I'm sure there's more but I'm looking forward to finding out when I receive mine.
Good luck

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