Cannon to left of me, Cannon to right of me ...

  Carronade 12:29 12 Jul 2004

A thread yesterday gave advice on opening webpage images which show as a box with a small red cross, which I sometimes get. It was suggested to go into View/Encoding and tick Auto-select to 'on', which I did.

Now, with every page I open I get the sound of gun-fire, with Auto-select back to unchecked.

Please help - it's disturbing the dogs and, worse, me as well.

  Old Shep 14:18 12 Jul 2004

My internet explorer shows in VIEW/ENCODING 1)UNICODING UTF8 2)LEFT TO RIGHT DOCUMENT. They both have a black dot at the side of them to show they are selected.Autoselect is not dotted. Hope this helps as I can see web images with those settings.

  Carronade 17:49 12 Jul 2004

Thank you, Old Shep. These are the same settings that I have. I still have the sound of gunfire when I access webpages.

  Carronade 02:48 13 Jul 2004

I've now discovered that the sounds are created by the System Mechanic 4 'pop-up stopper' in action when switching between pages in the Helproom, but NOT when accessing other sites. With Zone Alarm (free)and SkywayBlaster in place and full checks run by AntiVir, SkyBot and AdAware I'm satisfied I don't have a virus in the system. How can I turn off the sound - four quick blasts and then two longer, louder ones?

  Carronade 03:27 13 Jul 2004

Peace at last! I got into SM4 and was able to turn off the sound.

  end 08:38 13 Jul 2004

???so I am not the only one who gets" bleeps " or whatever when opening forum pages ( I have Guard IE here which stopps pop-ups rather effectively(!!!))......I get a"polite" tone which tells me something has been "blocked"...but GUNFIRE...bit DRASTIC isnt it????!!!!!!
and your poor dog...must be scarred out of his/her wits!!!!!!

and YOU....."21-gun salute" or something...???!!!!

??who cuddles who when they go off......the dogs lick you to death or you fighting to get them off your lap ......?????

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