Cannon IP4000 Printhead Replacement

  shazza65 15:13 21 May 2006

Does anyone know how to remove the Cannon IP4000 printhead because I need to clean or possibly replace it. My black printing is not coming out properly anymore and no amount to cleaning via the Maintenance section will make them work.

I've read the manual and no-where does it mention how to remove it, it only says don't touch it once you have installed it, however I don't understand why when you can buy a replacement.

  pj123 15:18 21 May 2006

Can't help you directly I'm afraid but it may well be that the instructions to replace the printhead come with the new unit?

  tristar 15:23 21 May 2006

don't know if it will cover your model, but you could have a look at this site:

click here



  shazza65 15:49 21 May 2006

Thanks pj123

Thanks tristar, whilst the website didn't have any fixes for my printer, I did read a post on their forum whereby somebody had exactly the same problem as me. Someone did explain how to clean the printhead (fantastic), however, omitted the part on how to actually remove it.

Have looked on Canon website but they don't do my printer anymore, so will have to give them a call.

Thank you once again.

  fullyfitted 19:52 21 May 2006

Before you start ripping the printer apart it might be worth trying a cleaning cartridge . Try

click here
Although I've used the Company many times and found them very reliable I must admit I've never used the cleaners but I have heard others speak highly of them.

  Mongo4 13:12 31 Aug 2006

Remove the 5 ink tanks. Raise the head lock lever at RHS and slide the print head upwards out of its container.

  slightlymad 13:25 31 Aug 2006

The black ink cartridge had plenty of ink but refused to print, even when I replaced it with a new one.

Luckily the printer was just within its year's warranty, so Canon sent me a new printhead.

The problem was caused by my not using the printer enough - the cartridge had dried out and the inkhead had gunged up. Something like that, anyway.

The cost of a new printhead is virtually the price of the printer, so you MUST use your printer frequently.

  ventanas 14:57 31 Aug 2006

From a few months back click here

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