Cann dell system parts be used in home build?

  boybrown 10:47 17 Aug 2006

Hi Folks,

My friend has ran a dell machine which is now in need of upgrade. Can he just use the hard drive in a home build system or would the Dell parts not be usable. Any suggestions as always really gratefully received


tom :o)

  rodriguez 10:55 17 Aug 2006

He should be able to use any parts he likes in his home build system, as Dell parts are just the same as any other computer parts. If he wants to use the motherboard though, he'll need the right blanking plate on the back of the computer so that all the sockets match up, but this can probably just be taken from the Dell machine anyway.

  ~#@@#~ 11:05 17 Aug 2006

" Can he just use the hard drive in a home build system "

yes. It maybe in a plastic caddy but will unscrew and come out.

  boybrown 11:22 17 Aug 2006

Hi Folks,

His old hard drive just won't boot through. It has been tried in his old machine and boots through fine. But when we try to put it in the new system it tries to boot then brings up the start windows safe mode etc page. Have tried to boot in safe mode and also normal but then defaults through to the initial boot page and goes through the same old sequence. Will it be something on the mobo that needs adjusting?


tom :o)

  Diodorus Siculus 11:34 17 Aug 2006

The hard drive will need to be formatted and have windows installed onto it; the windows settings on it at the moment are for the dell hardware, not the new machine.

  boybrown 20:06 17 Aug 2006

Hi Diodorus Siculus,

Thanks for the reply, it looks like it may be a problem elsewhere as have tried another hard drive with the same results. I am starting to think it may be a problem with the motherboard

  Zeppelyn 20:47 17 Aug 2006

If the second hard drive already had Windows on it then yes you would get the same result. Did this happen with a new Windows install? You dont make it clear if all the other parts are new.

  boybrown 21:34 17 Aug 2006

Hi Zeppelyn,

All the parts are second hand and are just being put together as a 'new' build.

  boybrown 10:03 18 Aug 2006

Hi there,

I cloned my hard drive onto the existing one and the same result occurs! The hard drive will work if I do a clean install of XP but not using an existing XP or different hard drive! Could it be that the updates XP is the problem rather than the specefic hard drive. When I did a fresh install on the existing hard drive it would let me use my old drive as a slave and I could get access to all the files on there, juct not the OS

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