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Cancelling payments in paypal

  Bailey08787 14:30 17 May 2007

I would like to cancel a payment sent in paypal.

I bought an item off ebay from a person with no feedback rating (stupid I know).

I paid for the item through paypal, but the seller refused it saying he was having with this particular paypal account, and could I use another one of his paypal accounts. I tried using the other one, but same result.

I've now tried a third time, but the transaction hasn't gone through - and is sitting there with the current status being 'unclaimed'.

The seller has not contacted me now for five days, so I've given up hope on him being genuine.

Paypal websites says I can stop the payment by looking at my account history and selecting 'cancel' in the action column

.......but there are no cancel buttons in the action column.

anyone know how I do this?


  Bailey08787 15:07 17 May 2007

Yeah thanks - I've followed this last bit....

The funds have been deducted from your PayPal balance. You may cancel this payment by clicking ‘Unclaimed’ and then ‘Cancel Payment’. Please note that all ‘Unclaimed’ transactions will be cancelled after 30 days

....but as I mentioned in my original post, the cancel payment button is not where it should be. There are no action buttons (such as cancel) in the action column

  Bailey08787 15:32 17 May 2007

nope, no cancel button in the details section - and when clicking on the 'unclaimed' link, as the instructions instruct you to do, it comes up with a pop up box with the same instructions - grrr

  Bailey08787 15:44 17 May 2007

I contacted Paypal.

Apparently there's only two ways I can get the money back:

1. If the recipient that I have sent the money to refused payment

2. Wait 30 days, after which if it is still unclaimed it will be posted back to my account.

Which basically leaves me in limbo :-(

  spuds 18:25 17 May 2007

When a PayPal transaction works, it can work extremely well, but when it go's wrong it can be a nightmare.

I purchased an item from an eBay power seller about three months ago, payment was made straight after the auction via Pay Now. I noticed that the receipts were coming back as paid to PayPal (Europe)Ltd instead of the seller. After three days PayPal notified me that the money was 'unclaimed' and it was being transfered back into my own account.Communications between the seller and myself became very confusing for us both. We both contacted PayPal about the situation, and their (PayPal) response was both the seller and myself were to blame, and they could do very little about it, except keep returning the funds back to my account. They did this on three occasions.

Eventually I paid for the item by paying direct from my PayPal account into the sellers personal account. In all it took nearly a month for me to receive the goods. Not a very good experience, to say the least.

What was noticed by myself and later by the seller, was his contact details had somehow got an extra 's' in the email address on this particular auction, and through this extra the funds were being diverted direct to PayPal (Europe) Ltd account instead of the sellers eBay account. The seller had no explanation for this, neither did PayPal or eBay.

I know it doesn't give the answer to the cancel button query, all my cancellations a refunds seemed to work. A suggestion that I could perhaps make, which may sound very stupid. If you are using Internet Explorer to open your PayPal account, try Firefox or another browser, and see what happens!.

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