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  Confab 20:34 04 Oct 2003

Hi, My isp is one-tel. I didn't choose this isp but it became my isp because the company that I joined, Iomart, sold their broadband subscribers to one-tel. I now want to cancel my broadband connection with them and move to Madasafish - pretty straightforward you would think.

I wrote to one-tel about three months ago and at the same time ordered Madasafish's broadband connection. A month after I wrote to one-tel they telephoned me and left a message on my answerfone to call them back - no name or number was given so I tried to contact them but I've always been held in a queue for 20 minutes and basically given up. My broadband connection is still up and running so out of desperation I've canceled my Direct Debit. Now I'm a bit worried as I've received a letter from one-tel about non payment.

Should I re-instate my DD as I don't want to be "blacklisted" or should I stick to my guns and just not pay until I'm disconnected? Also should I have to pay for the two months that I've had for "free"?

Apart from the one telephone call and one none payment letter I've heard nothing else from One-tel. Has anyone else managed to cancel their broadband service with them?

Thanks in advance,


  graham√ 20:45 04 Oct 2003

This is one for the legal eagles. When you were transferred to One.Tel did you agree to their terms and conditions?

Have a look at your account click here

  keenan 20:58 04 Oct 2003

What does it state in their 'cancellation' clause
in terms of notice to be given.
If you are only required to give them a months 'notice in writing' clearly you have done this.
They must also clearly be in receipt of your letter hence the phone call.

Personally I would send a recorded delivery letter,
to the customer service manager (get a name) outlining the above and asking 'why' you should be made to pay for 2 months service you did not want.

Again check your 'Terms & Conditions' before you contact them.

  Confab 20:59 04 Oct 2003

Thanks graham√.

I'm not sure that I did sign anything with One-tel, but it's not that I want to get out of paying, it's just that I want to cancel my "agreement". I've been with them for a couple of years and so I know it's OK to do this.

I've checked the on-line billing and it says I owe them £58.00. That's two payments after I canceled my DD.


  Confab 21:01 04 Oct 2003

Thanks keenan I think I'll do this on Manday.


  spuds 22:31 04 Oct 2003

keenan's advice is fair comment, and I would suggest that you follow that advice. Stopping a Direct Debit suddenly is a no-no, as this can lead to an host of problems. You should make certain that the receiver of your D/D payments, are fully aware of your intentions.A registered letter will do this.

All the main credit reference agencies, will tell you that there is no such thing as a 'blacklist'. This is correct upto a point. But should a third party seek credit reference details about you,and seeing that you have stopped payments or are in default of payments, what are they going to think.Only they can decide, whether you are worth the risk, should you require any future finance or fee paying services.

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