Can you use Ultra ATA 100 on an ATA 133 Motherboar

  glen2409 21:42 14 Jul 2005

I have a motherboard that says it currently supports ATA 133. It is an AsRock K7S8X mobo. I have fitted a Seagate Barracuda Ultra ATA 100 hard drive.

I have noticed slow performance from the drive. Are they not compatible with each other? Could it be the cable? Is there anything I can do to rectify this?


  User-312386 21:56 14 Jul 2005


Have you the latest BIOS for the board? click here

Are you using a graphics card?

How much memory have you installed?

What operating system are you using?

  glen2409 21:59 14 Jul 2005

I don't think I have the latest BIOS, probably 1.9. I don't like updating if there isn't a problem.

I have a graphics card installed and 768 DDR memory on xp pro.


  woodchip 22:16 14 Jul 2005

Yes it will work ether way round

  glen2409 22:18 14 Jul 2005

Not sure what you mean woodchip

  woodchip 22:19 14 Jul 2005

Slow performance in nothing to do with the Hard Drive. It is something else that's the problem check for Malaware

  woodchip 22:22 14 Jul 2005

A ata 100 will run on a 133 but only at 100. A 133 will run on a ATA 100 but only at 100

  glen2409 22:22 14 Jul 2005

I have done all the spyware, virus checks,etc. PC not really used on the internet or fro email. I'm not sure the drive and mobo are compatible or if I have the right cable

  Joe R 22:24 14 Jul 2005


do you have the H/D, set as master, on the first IDE channel.?

  glen2409 22:27 14 Jul 2005

Yes the hard drive is set as master. Dont know if I need an 40pin 80 conductor cable.

The drive is an ULTRA ATA 100 drive woodchip.

Thanks for the replies

  DieSse 22:44 14 Jul 2005

"Dont know if I need an 40pin 80 conductor cable."

You do need an 80 wire cable. otherwise the maximum the drive will run at will be 33MHz.

Yes you can run an 100MHz dive on a 133MHz motherboard without any problems at all. It wiil, of course, run at 100MHz.

The motherboard rating is simply the fastest drives it will support - it will support all slower drives correctly too.

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