Can you upgrade from PATA to SATA?

  Hermione-moo 23:57 02 Apr 2012

Hi, I'm trying to upgrade my 2007 PC desktop. I want to upgrade my current PATA 250mb ard drive to a faster SATA 1TB 10,000rps. No I keep getting conflicting information as to if it is possible to do this at all?

Some people say just plug in the SATA cable and off you go, others say there are conversation kits while some say it s impossible.

Can anybody help? Please go easy on me as this is my first build, which is why I have started on an older motherboard and upgrades etc, to see how it goes.

Tank you in advance for any replies.


  Hermione-moo 00:05 03 Apr 2012

Sorry for the missing letters, my iPad is a pain for doing this for some reason.

  markd71 00:08 03 Apr 2012

What's the make / model of your mobo ?

  Hermione-moo 00:10 03 Apr 2012

Currently it is a Wd2500js western.

  lotvic 00:15 03 Apr 2012

It all depends on the motherboard, it may have a SATA connection. Do you have the manual? Can you tell us the make and model of the motherboard and what CPU is fitted?

  Hermione-moo 00:15 03 Apr 2012
  rdave13 00:17 03 Apr 2012

If not XP then connect the new Sata Hdd in a caddy and simply clone your ide drive to the Sata drive then swap over. If XP you might not have the Sata drivers.

  Hermione-moo 00:17 03 Apr 2012

It's running a asus, but not sure which one as I didn't take not of it before coming to bed lol (will have to post it in the morning).

  rdave13 00:19 03 Apr 2012

Hermione-moo, your link is forbidden for me.

  lotvic 00:25 03 Apr 2012

SCALEO P working link ready for the morning. Sleep well.

  rdave13 00:30 03 Apr 2012

As it's a new build, with an older mobo, so long as the motherboard has Sata sockets and you intend to install Vista/ Win7 then you should have no problems.

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