Can you upgrade a freebie Prog?

  geoff47 22:57 16 May 2005

I posted this question in the Webdesign Forum,but have had no response(perhaps it was a bit incoherently put)
What I want to know is,can you upgrade a freebie program? It gets complicated on.
I had a copy of NetObjects Fusion MX from PC Advisor,and downloaded a trial version of Version 8 which I believe over wrote the MX version.
I was going to buy the trial copy,but was wondering am I entitled to the Upgrade to MX at some saving.
I stupidly uninstalled the MX,thinking that I would get the option to repair the installation,but wham it just deleted (well I did ask to delete)
Any comments would be helpful.

  Pesala 23:22 16 May 2005

On the April CD of PC Advisor. Only £6 for back issues. NOF 8 is allegedly not too good. NOF 7 is fine. I upgraded from NOF MX with no problems so far and a several worthwhile improvements. Then you can upgrade to version 8 from version 7.

  TomJerry 23:23 16 May 2005

drop them a line or give them a call to see what they say

Digital River (UK / International):
44 0118 934-6150
[email protected]

  Belatucadrus 23:28 16 May 2005

click here was the page listed in the April issue for registration of Netobjects 7 or upgrade to 8 I don't think there's a PCA offer on MX. click here may be what you want.

  geoff47 23:53 16 May 2005

I shall start this from the beginning....briefly just to fill in the gaps.
I asked here for a website building program and was advised to get hold of MX from a back issue of PC Advisor which I along fine with it.Loaned it to a young lad to play with and he hasn't returned it.But sought advice again how to upgrade my site to include a means of selling and was advised that NOF 8 had the downloaded a trial version,which made the MX inoperable for some reason.I now have a trial version of NOF 8 and no MX (by the way NOF 8 is not allowing me to publish the site to see how it looks)
All I wanted was a Program that includes some sort of shopping cart.
I am no PC expert but can work my way through simple programs...was just hoping that I could upgrade from the freebie when my trial is over(if I can work out why its not publishing)
Sounds like I have to upgrade through the versions,or buy outright the best program for the job.
Unless of course someone can advise me otherwise.
Thanks for any advice.

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