Can you terminate a Webmail address ?

  Daibus 18:48 02 Jul 2003

I have an E-mail address with Yahoo but after signing on to a particular site I have suddenly started to get a lot of unwanted mail, which does not arrive in my bulk folder and is addressed to me personally (which I NEVER got in the past) and I think, without opening them, that they may contain viruses or similar.

Is it possible to contact Yahoo and have my current address with them, terminated ?

  Pesala 19:24 02 Jul 2003

I tried the same with another web-based email address, but couldn't figure out how to do it.

I think if you just stop using it, it will expire automatically after a period of inactivitiy.

  leo49 19:27 02 Jul 2003

The option doesn't seem to be readily available - but the simple solution is to open a new account,stop using the old one and sooner or later Yahoo will get round to closing it due to lack of use/log-ins.


  Valvegrid 19:46 02 Jul 2003

If you ignore the account after about 90 days or so, it varies between servers, it will expire, if you can resist the temptation of taking a peek :-)

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