Can you switch between differen Operating Systems?

  donkey090 20:58 05 Apr 2017

I recently bought a new CPU but it did not boot after installation. I believe this is because of an outdated BIOS for my MOBO. However, when I tried to update the BIOS I found that the update was only for Windows XP or VISTA and I am on Windows 10. Is it possible to switch to either Windows XP or Vista and then switch back after update? New CPU model: AMD Phenom II x4 940 MOBO: ACER Aspire T180


  Archonar 10:53 06 Apr 2017

Not particularly easily. Neither of those operating systems are supported by Microsoft. You could try downloading it from an online site but I would advise caution as most offering a free download are probably not trustworthy. You can still buy an xp disk so that is an option but you will have to pay.

Could you post a link to the download link for the bios update?

  Jollyjohn 11:04 06 Apr 2017

The actual BIOS update is independant of the operating system, it happens long before Windows starts. However the Tools - awdflash or similar, may only run on XP or Vista.

Can you get access to a XP PC? If so download the BIOS update and tools and create a bootable cd, burn the BIOS update and tool to it.

Boot from the CD and run the update, remove cd and reboot.

Is this any help - click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:08 06 Apr 2017

You can flash any BIOS from a USB stick regardless of whether or not any operating system is installed

click here

  donkey090 15:29 06 Apr 2017

Here is the link to the BIOS update: click here for all your help!


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