Can you save documents automatically

  Duncanf 22:05 29 Jan 2005

Can anyone tell me if there's a way to have documents saved automatically in Word (say every five minutes or so)? I'm amending quite a large file and scared in case it suddenly crashes and I lose my changes.

  PA28 22:08 29 Jan 2005

In Word - Tools>Options>Save>tick Background Saves and Autorecover (set time in minutes).

  VoG II 22:08 29 Jan 2005

Tools/Options, Save tab. Save AutoRecovery Information every X Minutes.

  PA28 22:10 29 Jan 2005


  Duncanf 22:22 29 Jan 2005

Thank you again PA 28 and VOG (sorry I can't find the TM!!!!!) Once again an immediate solution.

  PA28 22:24 29 Jan 2005

Don't worry about VoG's tm - you just copy and paste rather than type!! Cheers.

  VoG II 22:25 29 Jan 2005

Belated Snap! I was multi-tasking, honest!

  Duncanf 22:35 29 Jan 2005

VoG™ .......Just to prove I was watching!
Thanks again.

  rsturbo 22:54 29 Jan 2005

other ms office documents excel powerpoint etc.??

  VoG II 22:56 29 Jan 2005

Which version of Office?

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