can you run windows 7 on 32 bit if so how ?

  martan 13:50 18 Jul 2013

my wife has a laptop running windows 7 but some of the games on facebook are not running properly when she was on vista they run perfect but she was able to switch from 32 bit to 64 bit can you do this on a laptop that has windows 7 installed from the factory if so how can i do it please help thank you


  john bunyan 14:26 18 Jul 2013


On a W7, 64 bit PC, it "knows" if the programme is 32 bit and installs it in C: Programme Files(x86)folder. 64 bit programmes are stored in C: Programmes Files .

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  lotvic 14:38 18 Jul 2013

It sounds to me as if your wife is choosing Internet Explorer 64bit

On a W7 64bit operating system there are two Internet Explorers. You have the choice between IE 64bit and IE 32bit.

Read this article which explains the what and how.

  Woolwell 14:45 18 Jul 2013

However I don't understand why 32bit or 64 bit would affect the way that Facebook (on-line games) play. This may be down to browser and perhaps whether Java and Flash are up to date.

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