Can you run cable and wirelesss modem at same time

  Will 18:51 16 Jun 2010

I have a windows 7 laptopn and want to use my desktop PC as access for the internet, will I be able to add a wirless card to the desk top for my lap top around the house?

  T I M B O 18:55 16 Jun 2010

Your ISP may be able to provide you with what's called router. This will enable you to connect the pc via ethernet cable or wireless. If your pc or lap top is a good distance from the router, then you could use an adapter to put your internet connection via your mains electricity, then what you do is to have another adapter to get the internet from the mains to your pc/lap top.

This is also prolly safer than wireless, but wireless is getting more secure & safer nowerdays.

  Will 18:57 16 Jun 2010

Thanks got ya

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