Can you record STRAIGHT to DVD on "Win TV 2000"?

  KorgY 16:20 07 Mar 2008


I have started using WinTV Nova-T USB on my laptop again after a while off it, and i recorded a programme last week onto the hard drive. I then burnt the file (2.2 gigs) on to NERO as "Mske your own DVD Video". It worked, but it takes a very long while to burn (1 hour 20 mins for this 2 hour film).

I wondered if you could burn them straight to dvd without having to do it through nero, as it's very time consuming, not to say very CPU demanding on the pc whilst it is burning (100% pc usage, so can't use that pc much during this time.)



  daxian 17:01 07 Mar 2008

hi KorgY...
it is possible but you will need a standalone dvd recorder (the type used with tv).
nero takes so long because it converts the file to dvd format .
i have tried this ,using a scart to phono lead and the results are reasonable.Dave.

  KorgY 18:34 07 Mar 2008

thanks Dave - but was hoping i could do it with my just PC DVD/recorder etc




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