can you record sky onto a dvd recorder with freevi

  emmaavril 18:09 21 Jan 2007

My husband has purchased the Wharfedale dvd recorder with built in freeview receiver. We also have sky ( we will be getting rid of this in the near future, hence buying the dvd recorder with freeview)
We want to record Sky One tonight onto the recorder but it does not seem to give you the option of recording it. It only seems to give you the option of recording the freeview channels.
Any ideas anyone???

  ICF 18:16 21 Jan 2007

Model number would help??

  emmaavril 18:19 21 Jan 2007


  ICF 18:23 21 Jan 2007

Does it give a website in the manual?

  ICF 18:25 21 Jan 2007

I have a panasonic DVD/Harddrive recorder and all I do is plug AV2 on the pany into the vcr output on the Digibox.Then slect AV2 to record on the pany.

  emmaavril 18:25 21 Jan 2007

No, there is no web address.

  ICF 18:29 21 Jan 2007

Have you tried plugging as described above?

  Diversion 18:34 21 Jan 2007

You have connect the Sky box to your DVD recorder via scart leads like you most likely had on your video recorder, and your DVD's auxiliary channel as to be set to AV1 or AV2 to receive the signal from your Sky box.

  rodriguez 18:34 21 Jan 2007

On the back of the Sky box you'll have 2 scart sockets - one labelled TV, one labelled VCR. Plug a Scart lead into the VCR socket and the other end into the Scart socket on the DVD recorder labelled Cable/Sat or it could just be called AV2 or EXT2. Sometimes the socket is also blue. Then change the DVD recorder to the AV2 channel and press record.

  emmaavril 18:50 21 Jan 2007

But does your recorder have freeview built into it.

  emmaavril 18:58 21 Jan 2007

I have tried what you said rodriguez it will let us record, you can hear it but there is no picture.

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