can you record from internet to harddrive?

  Legolas 20:02 18 May 2003

Is there a way you can record from something streamed over the internet onto your computers harddrive.

  MartinT-B 20:07 18 May 2003


Depends what you want to save.

Video is easy in WMP9 - just click Add Currently playing track.

assuming you're watching in WMP9 - File->Add to media Library->add currently placying track.

Never saved any streaming MP3 etc. but assume it's the same

  Legolas 20:13 18 May 2003

Thanks MartinT-B I was thinking more of Internet radio

  Installer. 20:19 18 May 2003

Various recording programs click here some will record any thing going to speakers.

  britto 20:29 18 May 2003
  leo49 20:34 18 May 2003

I use the inbuilt recorder in Jet Audio to record live radio concerts.

  Legolas 20:51 18 May 2003

britto your link takes me to a blank page

  britto 21:01 18 May 2003

Sorry about that did a search for 'recording radio' and it came up with 4 posts.I must have messed the link up.

  britto 21:05 18 May 2003

ps. should have added i use creative recorder which comes with Soundblaster

  Legolas 21:14 18 May 2003

After doing a bit of research i dont think my sound card supports recording pc or internet sound using software it looks like i will have to use a lead to connect my sound out to the sound in port and record that way. Thanks for the replies so far.

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