Can you recommend a motherboard?

  s99Raj 16:25 21 Jul 2004

Can anyone recommend a cheap but still good motherboard for an AMD Athlon XP 3200+ processor?

What sort of motherboard socket do I need to look for?

  Gaz 25 17:14 21 Jul 2004

Socket A supporting a 333/400MHz bus... If its a 64 bit - then you need a 64 bit motherboard.

I would suggest MSI KT6 Delta VLSR:

up to 400Mhz bus,

KT600 Chipset,

3 RDDR400 slots for up to 3Gb's of PC3200 memory,

SATA and USB 2.0 technology,

On-board sound 5.1 capable.

On-board Lan

Had around 40 and every one of them has been failure proof - not a single failing to date.

Asus boards - my 17th one failed and wouldnt boot while had severak glitches with them in the past.

Good luck!

  Tinkey Winkey 19:43 21 Jul 2004

This weeks Micromart - Motherboard guide,issue 808 pages 7-12

  pcwhizz 19:52 21 Jul 2004

I use a MSI K7N2-L

currrently £45 on Ebuyer

it does everythin and is solid board. only snag is no SATA.

the one up has sata and RAID for £67 though

  s99Raj 19:55 21 Jul 2004

What about the MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR?

Would that do?

  Gaz 25 20:35 21 Jul 2004

has many features including SATA for Serial ATA hard drives.

If you dont have these settle for a MSI K7N2-L.


  keith-236785 22:34 21 Jul 2004

at the moment, i am using a ASROCK K7S8XE+

400fsb support(up to amd xp3200), 8* usb2.0 ports, sata, raid, onboard sound/lan the list goes on. about £30 from many different suppliers (some cheaper but beware postage costs).

so far the board has performed without fault, as did my previouse board an ECS K7S5A.

take a look at the ASROCK K7S8XE+.

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