Can you open a closed write CD

  AndySA 07:20 27 Sep 2003

Is there anyway of using the space of write CD once they have been closed. I have many 700MB CD with only 5MB used, but the session has been closed. Is there any software available to open the CD again.

  Morpheus© 07:30 27 Sep 2003

might be easier, with the cost of CD's being low, to transfer the lot onto a new CD....

  mark500 08:05 27 Sep 2003

If you have used Nero to write a multisession CD then the rest of the space should be available to you by using the Continue Multisession CD tab.The only reason it won't be available is if the disc has been finalised.

  MAJ 08:06 27 Sep 2003

Not that I'm aware of. You can write to CD-Rs in multi-session mode, enabling you to add more data at a later date, so you don't have to burn all your data to the CD-R at the one time.
As Morpheus© has suggested, gather all those un-filled CD-Rs together and put their stuff onto one or a few new CD-Rs.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:07 27 Sep 2003

May I quote.......'Under the Red Book standard for audio CDs, all audio tracks must be written in a single session. If you add audio tracks in more than one session, playback results will be unpredictable. Most CD-ROM drives will play back all audio tracks on a CD even if they are recorded in several sessions. Most home and car CD players can only play the tracks in the first session.' I would assume that data CDs are similar. New CD = 17p, I would take the advice of Morpheus©.


  Bagsey 08:30 27 Sep 2003

I dont know anything about music CDs but like in previoe posts I use the multisession function of Nero and have hundreds of photos stored over many sessions without any trouble.I have also stored several edited videos on one cd and that also works.

  seedie 09:49 27 Sep 2003



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