Can you network a Win200 pro PC to a Win XP one?

  BeesFan 12:27 08 Jul 2003

I have successfully set up my WinXP pro main machine for networking via a Netgear DG814 modem/router

I have a second machine running Win2k Pro and have connected that to the router and have got an internet connection on that one as well

However what I dont have yet is file and printer sharing.

Ive run the network setup wizard on my main machine and created a network setup disk. When I go to use it in the other machine it says the network disk is only compatible with Win98, 98ME and XP..

How do I set up my Win2k machine? I would have thought they would have supported that OS in preference to Win 98!??

Answers gratefully received.....please!!!

  Q-Bie 12:33 08 Jul 2003

As long as the PC's are both in the Same Workgroup (Right click My Computer, Properties, and edit it in the network name option, thats from memory I don't have a Win2K machine here at the moment).

Then reboot.. as long as you have files shared on the 2nd PC you should just be able to browse to it from Network Neighbourhood.

  Q-Bie 12:33 08 Jul 2003

Oh, Unless you changed it in the networking wizard, the workgroup name will be MSHOME

  BeesFan 13:54 08 Jul 2003


Well the main WinXP pro machine can now see the other machine on the network but cant access it - guess thats a sharing/permissions thing?

The second PC cannot see the main PC so that is just a cock up! :-)

Both machines are in same work group but I cannot make the second machine co-operate

Now I know why network specialists charge lots of money!

  madPentium 14:13 08 Jul 2003

Its the same with DIY. Since people have been attempting their own electrics, plumbing, plastering etc, work has been booming :)

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