Can you legaly cut copy paste Clipart?

  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 22:26 01 Feb 2005

IE; Can I do this on my website?

Also can I legaly cut and paste threads from sites like this one and paste them onto my own website?

As always people you are my heros


(PS can I post the link to my website on here for people to see???
Would it be allowed for anyone advise me whether it looks like an interesting site

I am sure this has been asked many times but can someone post me some good free web designer sites.

  LeadingMNMs 22:35 01 Feb 2005

I'd check the agreement that you agreed to. From what I remember, most allow you to use the Clipart for personal use, and so on a non-commercial site then you should be ok.

Not sure about threads, but I would be tempted to say that they are not owned by anyone, so this shouldn't be a problem.

There shouldn't be a problem posting a link in the forum, though I would suggest using the Web Design forum and making it clear that its your site.

Try searching the forums for a list of sites that help you with web design.

Mainly my opinions on the matter, I can't be sure that I'm correct.

  octal 22:43 01 Feb 2005

I'm sure the Forum Editor will give more guidance on cutting and pasting. My guess is that you might not be allowed to cut and past a thread because this site is copyrighted, but you maybe able to link to it. The only problem is, if you link to it the person who arrives at this site will have to sign in to view the thread.

If you want to post the link to your site I'm sure you'll get some meaningful opinions on it.

  octal 22:47 01 Feb 2005

It says at the bottom:

All material on this website is copyright © 2005. IDG Communcations Ltd. All rights reserved.
Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of IDG Communications is prohibited.

So cutting and pasting is a no, no.

Incidentally, if FE reads this he might want to check the spelling :-)

  Dan the Confused 22:51 01 Feb 2005

As said, read the terms of the site that you wish to download them from (be careful, as it is easy to get spyware from some sites).

You aren't really allowed to plug your webspace on this site, but people do and get away with it so it's up to you.

You can only keep threads from this site for personal use, and are not allowed to distribute them in any form.

  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 22:58 01 Feb 2005

I have chnaged it dramatically, And saved it. Waited a minute and put my site into my adress bar, and the original came up. do I have to tell the cable company that I have changed it.
I don't want to post the original, as it will give a massive distortment to the conntent as is now.

On a liter note. I fort the idea of txt ws u cud rit owt. My spelin always maks me laf, and evry1 coments. I askd 4 advic ere and (jokin) askd 4 spelcheker, and (some1 sent me 1) Made me smile...:@)
By this time of nght I hav been at PC a long time, and spelin is first to go out of window, but in the day I do OK...:@)

  Dan the Confused 23:13 01 Feb 2005

If you mean what I think you here

  Forum Editor 00:46 02 Feb 2005

you can't legally copy anything from this site, or any other, if it is protected by copyright - unless you have obtained the consent of the copyright holder.

In general terms all 'original work' is automatically protected by copyright from the moment of its creation, and you need a copyright licence if you want to use someone else's work. There is a great deal of clipart that is copyright free, but you'll see a statement to that effect on the site in question if that's the case.

In the case of this site, we own the copyright to everything you write in the threads, and you agree to that being the case when you register with us. You may not legally copy and/or re-publish or distribute anything here without our permission, even if you wrote it yourself. If you click on the blue 'Site policy' link at the bottom of this page you'll see (amongst other things) this statement:

Forum registration conditions
By registering for access to our web forum you agree that the copyright in any content you may post to the site passes to PC Advisor upon publication and that we may reproduce any contribution in whole or in part in PC Advisor magazine or in other IDG Group publications without further reference to you. We may use the personal information you provide to notify you about changes to the site or to contact you for marketing purposes.

  octal 07:07 02 Feb 2005


  Dan the Confused 19:27 02 Feb 2005

Ah...So much for my communcations skills :(

  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 09:27 03 Feb 2005

Thaught I could change my site like a word document, but it has taken me til now to be able to post my site....I have and used the free webspace provided by ISP and used their site builder to upload my site.

Forum Editor/Or anyone else...There should be no reasons why I can't put links on my site say to this thread.

I am going to post my site. I realise there are a couple of alterations I need to make (that I will be doing now), but any feedback would be appriciated.

Please remember I am using the free webspace provided by my ISP, and as such has limited space, and very limeted styles. As you can see my adress is not a catchy, or, but if there is any success to the site then it would be worth looking at using an altenative Web design,and paying paying for a host. I assume the idea is that as your site becomes more popular, you have a better chance of selling ad space...(I don't think my ISP will allow this, which is why I'd like to iron out any glitches before I start paying for it.

My site is; click here

I have yet to make the link to the members area, but like I say any feedback would be appriciated...

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