Can you help me plug a PC in to a Alba LCDW16HDF TV

  xania 15:47 25 Aug 2013

I am trying to get my eMachine 350-21G16L to connect to a small ALBA portable LCDW16HDF TV. I can easily connect the machine to my large SONY Bravia KDL 42EX443 TV because this has a VGA connector and I have a VGA to VGA cable, and here I get a clear picture although the TV does hum a little. So I know the output VGA is working fine. (Of course, I have to change the input connector setting on the TV to PC for the VGA cable, to AV1 for the SCART cable and to Component for the RGB cable). My problem is that the ALBA TV has no VGA connector, only SCART and Component. I have now purchased a VGA/SCART cable and a VGA/RBG cable, but cannot get either of these to work on either my SONY or my ALBA.
With SCART, on the Sony TV, I get no signal, but on the ALBA, I get a slipping signal, so something is getting through.
With the RGB, on the SONY I have managed to sort out YPbPr connections, so this should work. On the ALBA, I do have an RGB connector, so this is, in theory, quite straightforward, but connecting this colour for colour does not work.

I should mention that the ALBA has the following input connector settings: TV – not used DTV – my usual TV program via the aerial socket comes in through this setting EXT-1 - my BT vision box through the SCART connect automatically switches to this setting, the PC also gives a picture but as if both Vertical Hold and Horizontal hold need resetting. FAV – not used HDMI – not used YPbPr using this to try the RGB cable

Can anyone identify what I am doing wrongly, please?

  xania 21:02 27 Aug 2013


  Woolwell 22:27 27 Aug 2013

Do the TV's have RGB capable scart input? You may need a converter.

  bumpkin 22:32 27 Aug 2013

"– not used HDMI " Do you have HDMI connections, if so that has to easiest i would have thought.

  xania 13:15 28 Aug 2013

RGB connector on both TV's so should this not simply plug in. Also SCART?

No HDMI connection on either TV or on Laptop. Biggest problem is that there is no VGA connector on the eMachine.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:44 28 Aug 2013

" I have now purchased a VGA/SCART cable and a VGA/RBG cable, but cannot get either of these to work on either my SONY or my ALBA."

That doesn't surprise me.

As far as I know, a cable isn't enough and you need a special box to convert the computer's VGA signal to one that will work on your TVs. Here's an example of a VGA to RGB converter. Note that that I've never used one so can't comment on how well they perform or the quality of the picture.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:53 28 Aug 2013

"Here's an example of a VGA to RGB converter."

Ah, on closer inspection that unit doesn't appear to natively output RGB component so you may want to contact the seller for clarification if you're thinking of purchasing it. Or you could look for a similar converter that outputs SCART and/or component (but I couldn't find any when I looked earlier).

  Woolwell 20:22 28 Aug 2013

"Biggest problem is that there is no VGA connector on the eMachine." But you must have one otherwise how did you connect to the Sony TV?

This maybe what you want but I've never used one.

  Secret-Squirrel 21:57 28 Aug 2013

Woolwell, I'm pretty sure that Xania meant to say "Biggest problem is that there is no VGA connector on the Alba"

  Woolwell 22:14 28 Aug 2013

Secret-Squirrel - Thanks.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:57 29 Aug 2013

"No HDMI connection on either TV or on Laptop"

After doing some Googling, it turns out that your Alba LCDW16HDF is actually quite a modern HD TV. Is this what the back of yours looks like? If it is then it's clearly got an HDMI input (marked "HDMI 1" at the top). If you do have one then a converter like this may be more suitable.

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