Can you have too much protection????

  Thomo1 00:25 09 Dec 2004

Been scouring through this helproom for a bit now and find a few intresting points.
Obviously there is alot of opinions and all will be different.

On my system as it stands now i have installed and running:

**NIS2005. **Zonealarm firwall. **Webroot Spysweeper. **A2 **

Although ZA is disabled at the minute.

Alot of people have said that single prevention programs will not be enough on there own.
Im happy with all of what i have installed. Do i need/ or is it recomended that i need anything extra??

I dont want un-necessary progs tho! Only the ones that can add to the protection of the ones i have installed above.


  Strawballs 01:23 09 Dec 2004

You have a firewall and an anti spyware but have you thought of an anti virus program like AVG from grisoft or some other that sometimes get recomended on this forum

  ste_bla 02:20 09 Dec 2004

I use;

AVG - with auto updates @ 3pm and every 12 hours a system scan.

Spybot S&D - Resident programs updates @ 3.15pm and a scan every night

Ad-aware - update & 3.30pm & scan every night

Sygate Personal firewall

F-prot - A daily scan running off another PC (main back up pc)

Windows update once a week!

No viruses since Xmas! Security is automated and works a treat when im at college it gets auto updated and then i go sleep it does a scan, needs no interferance from me whatsoever

  ashdav 02:23 09 Dec 2004

for everyones reference I have used (for the last 6 months) Avast,Zone Alarm,Spybot,Adaware and Ccleaner. My XP Sp2 firewall is off and I have not had a sniff of any problem. The good thing is it's all free! If you want them, Google them.

  D G 07:59 09 Dec 2004

I'm the same as ashdav.
but I use sygate firewall as he says it's all free.and I think it covers just about every security aspect,everyone has their own preferences as to which progs they use.DG

  woofwoofbark 08:31 09 Dec 2004

A friend of mine has all his drivers from his pc in one folder , his son is a comp technician and saved all the drivers for him , where can I fnd my drivers and how can i go about saving them to a folder ? i dont want to bother his son who works fixing comps everyday



  woofwoofbark 08:33 09 Dec 2004


  Diemmess 09:21 09 Dec 2004

Like an insurance actuary I suggest a sliding scale of protection.

The younger and keener surfer is at max risk...... The octagenerian I know who uses the net solely for email, otherwise writing letters and her memoirs needs almost no protection at all.

I have bitter and repeated experience of family PCs where at least one teenager makes the family PC unusable within days of the last cleanup..... They need every protection in the list and more important to get them to clean as they go!

  byfordr 09:24 09 Dec 2004

click here stops the nasties getting on in the first place...


  D G 09:48 09 Dec 2004

you can also get spywareguard from the same source

  ACOLYTE 10:07 09 Dec 2004

I run,
Sygate,Avg 7,spywareblaster,spywareguard,adaware,spybot,A2,cookiewall,noads, and i still get nasties now and then,so i think it doesnt matter how much protection you have if you surf you still may get somthing its just that when you do, you have programs that will find and clean it for you.Better than not having any at all.

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