Can you have 2 Wireless connections in the one house both connected to Virgin media.

  birdface 19:02 18 Jul 2012

Since my Daughter got the Superhub from Virginmedia her Wireless connection has not been that great.[Still waiting for them to lay a new cable to her house.]

Just wondered if we could connect her old Netgear router to the cable downstairs and use both routers.

I can't see why it should not work but thought that I would ask before I try.

  birdface 19:04 18 Jul 2012

Forgot to add she has a 3 storey house and the new modem is in the middle of the house.

  Nontek 19:07 18 Jul 2012

If they are all on the same ring-main, you could try Homeplugs.

  Nontek 19:08 18 Jul 2012
  lotvic 19:57 18 Jul 2012
  birdface 20:57 18 Jul 2012

Ok thanks folk sorry for the delay but had visitors.

I take it that means I cannot run both Wireless routers at the same time.

lotvic I had a quick look at that but will have another look tomorrow.Thanks.

Looks like the Homeplugs may be favorite.Never used one before so will have a look at those as well.

As she is with V/media is it advisable to use one from them or is it ok to use any.

  Nontek 21:00 18 Jul 2012

I use them often, they are excellent!

  birdface 21:45 18 Jul 2012


Just had another look and you need the minimum of 2 of them.looks easy enough to set up cash is a bit tight at the moment.

Son in law just started a new job this week and gets paid monthly.

Looks like they will have to wait and see if V/media run in the new cable shortly.

Could probably do with something like that for the kitchen as that is where the signal struggles at the moment.They used to get a good signal in the garden but not any more.

Lotvic had another look at your way and it is a bit complicated for me.

I am ok if someone shows me how to do something but absolutely useless at reading from a manual how to do it.

I managed to install my own kitchen including putting in new electric sockets.Did the Plumbing,fitted the gas cooker.Installed a new bathroom suite and shower and did all of the tiling but reading instructions from a manual or anything of that nature is a no go for me.

So basically I am going to give this a miss just now but may revert back to it if need be.

Thanks everyone for the advice it is appreciated.Will class as resolved just now but feel free to add to it if you wish.

  Ventad 21:52 18 Jul 2012


Have a read of this sort for the Virgin super hub 1st answer, I don't know wether it's your daughters problem but I have been reading that there is a problem with the hubs.this appears to be a fix.

  manrow 22:03 18 Jul 2012

Ignoring the issue about Virgin media router problems; is it generically possible to have 2 routers operating independently of one another?

  birdface 22:44 18 Jul 2012


Ok tried that on my computer but it is to near the S/H to know if it makes any difference.

I might try it on my daughter set up the next time I am up there.Thanks for the info.


I though so but the answers I got sort of said no.

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