Can you get on AOL with getting on AOL?!

  Fateful Shadow 20:43 04 Jul 2003

I know...confusing thread title!

I was wondering if anybody knew how to connect to AOL without actually opening the AOL program. For those without AOL, everytime you want to get on the Internet, you have to open AOL to connect to it.

Does anybody know a way to do this?

Thanks again!

  VoG II 21:29 04 Jul 2003

"unnecessary"! LOL

  Mango Grummit 22:00 04 Jul 2003

Actually AOL is very quick. Fateful Shadow, if it isn't for you then you may have an underlying problem that we may be able to help with.

Also see VoG's unnecessary ;o)

Good way to remember the spelling is

One Coffee, Two Sugars. neCeSSary.

  Mango Grummit 20:29 08 Aug 2003


  jz 22:46 08 Aug 2003

Just wondered why AOL insist on their programme having to be used. Is there a good reason? No other ISP seems to do the same, or at least if they do, you can get round it (as I did with NTL dialup).

I used to have AOL dialup and found that it was slow to load it's progamme with my Celeron 333 PC. Maybe this wouldn't be a problem with a newer PC. The other problem was that I couldn't find a way of getting my emails with Outlook Express, which I thought was a big drawback, so eventually I moved on to another ISP.

  Djohn 22:51 08 Aug 2003

Can't use explorer just yet but soon will be able to do with new AOL "Communicatoor". BETA is already out and being used. j.

  Djohn 22:52 08 Aug 2003

explorer = Express!

  hé hé :-) 22:56 08 Aug 2003

to take part in the beta of communicator, go to keyword: acbeta, bear in mind that this relese maybe considered gm, and it may be worth waiting for it to be officialy released. :)

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