Can you get on AOL with getting on AOL?!

  Fateful Shadow 20:43 04 Jul 2003

I know...confusing thread title!

I was wondering if anybody knew how to connect to AOL without actually opening the AOL program. For those without AOL, everytime you want to get on the Internet, you have to open AOL to connect to it.

Does anybody know a way to do this?

Thanks again!

  Valvegrid 20:47 04 Jul 2003

Are you sure your not doing the Times crossword :-)

  mikef. 20:48 04 Jul 2003
  Fateful Shadow 20:49 04 Jul 2003

You've lost me there!

  matt5705 20:50 04 Jul 2003

the program controls the modem and emails

  VoG II 20:50 04 Jul 2003

As far as I know you have to connect using AOL. Once connected you can minimise the AOL browser and start Internet Explorer or any other browser that you want to use.

  Fateful Shadow 20:51 04 Jul 2003

I still need to access the AOL program to get connected to the AOL server. I know that my next door neighbour has freeserve, and it's a matter of letting the 'dial-up connection' dialogue box appearing and them pressing a button.

Can i do that with AOL?

  Fateful Shadow 20:51 04 Jul 2003

As the title says!

  Valvegrid 20:54 04 Jul 2003

Sorry about my previous post, it was a bit facetious, seeing as it relies on IE running in the background, it may be possible.

  Valvegrid 20:56 04 Jul 2003

What happens if you put the dialup number into IE's dialup box and running it?

  graham√ 21:01 04 Jul 2003

Not a lot!

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