Can you draw my lens test chart?

  Wilham 23:37 09 Jul 2003

This week I saw a stack of Lexmark printers in a small supermarket called Aldi. I don't want a printer even if the fifty pound price tag is a bargain. What caught my eye was the large print on each box 4800X1200 DPI.
I guess it means horizontal definition is 4 times higher than vertical, ...both to me pretty high. Not that I disbelieve it, but it can't be easy with wet ink to keep apart the dots?
For a time I have been preparing a chart for testing some properties of digital camera optics. A search for lens test chart on google gives pages of info but not what I wanted, so I have sketched out my own. I don't claim it is brilliant. I merely wanted to know if these new zoom lenses were rectilinear,- so you could copy a pcb and retain the hole positions for ic's in the transfer sheet, or snap a framed picture without getting barrel distortion. I also think astigmatism is worth looking for... but I must go back to the thread.
It occurred to me that if I could introduce a parameter into a print file for my chart, making it wilham mk2 instead of mk1, it could be a very useful tool, -even to test a Lexmark.
When I looked into this I found the software to print mk2 more difficult than expected. If soanso is willing to have a go at it we'll call it the wilham/soanso chart which is cheeky of me because it is some challenge.
Please don't send any files directly to me. I hope any o/p after I've given the design details will be freeware, but if it does turn out well maybe we ought to grant PCAdvisor some priority/credit.
It's getting late for me, I'll fill in the details tomorrow. Meanwhile can anybody suggest how a program for mk2 could be shown. There was a web site that offered free parking for your dig'l pic up to 30MB mentioned in my last thread re wedding pictures, ...perhaps something like that?
More tomorrow. Night!

  Forum Editor 17:27 10 Jul 2003

you're being a tad optimistic here Wilham, and frankly I think it's already been done. It's not really a helproom topic anyway.

  Wilham 18:00 10 Jul 2003

OK, I have to accept your point that it's off the helproom line, and so close as resolved. I'd like to hear of any source not on google, though.

  Wilham 18:01 10 Jul 2003


  Stuartli 19:52 10 Jul 2003

Aldi is rather more than a "small" supermarket...

  Wilham 21:43 10 Jul 2003

I have never seen more than one till working in our Aldi branch. Morrisons has twenty two and we still queue.

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