Can You Downgrade XP?

  Jason-211945 08:56 24 Jul 2004

This may sound like a daft question, but I want to downgrade from XP to 2000 (computer ran better on 2000 that it does on XP), however when I insert the 2000 CD and boot from CDRom, it only gets so far (usually to Locale Specific Data) before it hangs. I know the CD is ok (it is original) and I used it to upgrade my laptop from Win98 and that ran no problem. It doesn't always hang in the same place either. Does XP protect itself from being over written? I've tried 2 different CD Roms and I've tried swapping the old D: drive (after reformatting) to the C: Drive - no luck!

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:17 24 Jul 2004

I think in theory you should be able to do this.

However, to use the same disk on two machines could contravene the copyright, I don't know if microsoft have the technology to know that you are doing this?


  woodchip 23:23 24 Jul 2004

You need a win98se boot disc, and Fdisk the drive, to remove and recreate the master boot record as windows holds info on what OS \as been instaled in mbr recreate partiton and format

  Djohn 23:24 24 Jul 2004

No, I don't think you can downgrade the O/S. Even when you want two operating systems on at the same time, [separate partitions or drives] It's best to put the earlier O/S on first. You can do it the other way round but not as straightforward.

  Forum Editor 00:02 25 Jul 2004

you should format the drive before running the Win2000 installer. I'm very surprised to hear that your machine ran better in Win 2000 however - do you have sufficient RAM for WinXP?

  Jason-211945 07:24 25 Jul 2004

I've now successfully wiped XP and installed 2000. What happened was that, under XP, the hard drive got so clogged with rubbish that the machine slowed right down. I think there was also an issue with insuffcient RAM as mentioned above! And I prefer 2000 anyway (am I daft)?

Why I couldn't do this originally seems to be something to do with the CDrom drive. The WIN2000 CD installed fine on my laptop but wouldn't on the PC. I tried swapping hard drives for a (two are already on board) and this didn't work so I deduced it was the CD drive. Swapped them over and hey presto!

Thanks for all your responses anyway guys.

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