Can you donate an old internal DVD writer ?

  Dragon_Heart 17:46 23 May 2006

I will get straight to the point .... can you donate an internal DVD writer to a very worthy cause. It does not have to be one of the latest 16 speed dual layer models but an older type single layer, 2.4 or 4 speed ... but it must be able to write to both DVD+R & DVD-R disks.

Still with me ?

The "very worthy cause" is the Holbrook Centre for Autism
click here a specialist 'centre of excellence' for the education of autistic children & young adults in Derbyshire. They currently have a register of approximately 40 students & provide places from 5 years to 19 years of age.

For anyone who is a little unsure what autism is I suggest you follow the link click here but basically Autism is a brain disorder which affects the way in which people understand and
react to the world around them. It causes problems with communication skills and it's that lack of communication which can lead to frustration / confusion both for the autistic person & for the people around them.

The old saying goes " A picture is worth a thousand words " well that was in the days prior to camcorders. I am, on a voluntary part time basis, teaching some of the older students and staff how to shoot, download to a PC, edit and burn video's. These will be used by the staff to show parents the progress their children have made over a period of time and, most importantly, by the pupils to express their views and thoughts. These children and young adults are highly intelligent and we can only guess how very frustrating it must be for them not to be able to show people how they feel.

Any help, including supporting software and drivers, would be greatly appreciated and please, if you are a company, feel free to include an advertising sticker for the front of the drive.

The address for donations is :-

Holbrook Centre for Autism
Portway, Holbrook, Derbyshire, DE56 0TE

On behalf of the children and staff I thank you for reading this e-mail !

  bluto1 19:18 23 May 2006

Can`t help with a DVD writer but if there`s anything else computer related get in touch.

  Dragon_Heart 02:58 24 May 2006

A VERY big thank you to both 'pattoo' & 'bluto1' for their kind offers AND prompt response to my request.

I have contacted them both directly.

'Pattoo' now has the delivery / named contact details and I am awaiting a reply back from 'bluto1' about what " anything else computer related" he feels he can offer the Centre.

Just shows what a generous bunch PC Advisor readers are !

  Lokit 04:57 24 May 2006

A worthy cause which needs a simple but positive response!

Please let me know the delivery details and I too will donate a new drive or something else if appropriate.

  Dragon_Heart 10:51 24 May 2006

Looks like the children are going to get another drive from 'Lokit' ... brilliant !

Thanks Lokit

The staff at the school are amassed ... wait till I tell the lads this afternoon :-)

  rmcqua 11:18 24 May 2006

I work in a big High School with a big IT department. They often have hardware that is just a bit old, but functionally OK. If you need any bits in the future, PM me and I will see what I can do.
By the way, I spend quite a bit of time working with kids within the autistic spectrum. Yours is a very worthy cause.

  Lokit 18:44 24 May 2006

Hi again Dragon_Heart,

Will you check your email please!

  Dragon_Heart 02:41 25 May 2006

I had an afternoon with my video group today and told them about what all the PC Advisor readers have so very kindly offered to help them .... it was raining outside but it was big sunny smiles all round in the classroom.

They are already planning a DVD blockbuster ..... anyone got a bit of red stair carpet ?

I can not fully express in words what your kind generosity means to these children and young adults.

Working with & helping these children is one of the best and most rewarding things I have ever done in my life. When your showing / explaining how to do something it gives you a warm glow to see their eyes light up when they understand and try it for themselves.

Your donations will help them understand and try even more things .... that's priceless !

Thanks again !

  Dragon_Heart 23:18 25 May 2006

I think / hope I have replied back to everyone who has offered to help ( if I have missed anyone please give me e-mail )

I am just working on a poster for the centres 'Donation Wall' and will add sample photo's and descriptions as they come in

  Lokit 10:12 26 May 2006

Hi again Dragon_Heart,

Would you please check your email?

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